You know What’s Really Great?!?

When clients of the studio become Really Great friends. Friends that you meet with weekly to study the Word of God, friends who you pray with…about your kids and theirs and anything else that’s going on in life, friends you vacation with…You know, those friends. That’s what this family has become to us. I am so glad that they come to us to document their family, but even more than that I am thankful for their friendship. This session makes me so happy. I love watching these four people together and I love how this session reflects their fun relationship. I love the Baby Avery part of this session, too. See that pitcher and bowl? Ummm yeah, that’s Avery’s Great Great Great GREAT Grandmother’s. WOW. It was her wedding gift many many years ago. It’s incredible to me that this is still in their family. I was terrified to touch it while they were in the studio. And I Really LOVE the portraits of Sweet Avery with these items. How special is that going to be to her years from now?! Thanks for another great session, Y’all!

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