Wild Dunes


As I mentioned earlier, we spent most of this week at Wild Dunes. We were invited down by our WONDERFUL friends, Brandon, Jessica, Parson, and Lilah. We had such a great time. The kids played so well together. It was nice to have built-in playmates. Collin and I fell in love with this place! Most of all, though, we just enjoyed being together as a family and sharing time with our precious friends!

Of course, most of our time was spent on the beach. Each morning we were up bright and early (thanks to having 4 toddlers in the house) and headed down to play in the sand. The beach was definitely best in the morning, because it was full of “pools” of water that the kids could play in. They all loved it, and we loved relaxing and watching our beautiful babes.


She is growing and changing SO FAST! Too fast for this Mama! Look at how sweet she is just standing there like that. She was EVERYWHERE on that beach. Not scared at all of the waves. Definitely NOT the tiny infant from last summer.


He reminds me of Mogli from the Jungle Book when he dances like this!


Lilah had a BLAST, but she had to warm up to the water each morning. She LOVED the sand, though!


Doesn’t this picture look so sweet? The Little Rascal broke the sand dollar in half about 30 seconds later…Not so sweet.


We went to Charleston for the afternoon/evening on Tuesday. The boys splashed in the fountain and had a blast watching the huge barges. They also enjoyed making a big deal out of the smell of the horse poop (boys will be boys!).


This Baby Girl has SO MUCH LOVE for her Daddy! And he is Totally Wrapped around that precious little finger of hers!


Mak’s new favorite appetizer from the week- crackers covered in ketchup (YUCK!!!!)


The entire week we had to sneak pics of Makgill because he told us that he did not want us to take ANY pictures of him. We were shocked when he asked Collin to take his picture at supper on Tues. night. Things MUST be done ON HIS TERMS!!! Tonight when we were putting him to bed, I asked him if I could give him a kiss (because he HATES kisses right now). I was surprised when he said “yes”. He wanted “polka-dot kisses” (Something he thought up tonight. He meant that he wanted me to cover his face in kisses!). Of Course, Baby! It’s just so funny to me that he is SO OPPINIONATED at such a young age! But I LOVE his sweet smile in this one. That’s my boy!


This picture is for Collin’s Dad. He LOVES pralines from Charleston, and it looks like he has passed his love on to his grandson!


We celebrated Makgill and Parson’s Three and a half year birthdays with a yummy cake.


This was the girls’ favorite spot in the beach house. They would just hang out there playing with their baby dolls. Lilah is such a “mommy”. It was so funny to watch her take care of Clara Beth. She would bring her pappys or water, and come get us when she felt that CB was wandering too far away on the beach! I called her “Little Mama” the whole week. She is such a sweetheart!


They watched Playhouse Disney while the adults got everything ready for the beach in the mornings. I just LOVE their sleepy faces and sweet pjs!

7-26-2007-9-19-42-pm0248.JPG 7-26-2007-9-19-58-pm0256.JPG

Could he be any cooler?!?!


My FAVORITE purchase of the week- the Rockin’ Baby sling from Baby Bloomers in Mt. Pleasant. It’s the only hip carrier I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried PLENTY) that Clara Beth likes. I just wish I had gotten it when she was a newborn! Seriously- this thing is SO GREAT! All of you new mamas, it’s definitely worth the investment!!!!


We have a TON more pictures in the slideshow. Yes, we know that the song we used is probably about NORTH Carolina, but we love it and choose to claim it for OUR State! 🙂 Thanks again, Grangers, for letting us join you on vacation! We had an AMAZING time! Y’all are THE BEST!!!!

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  • Brandon & JessicaJuly 29, 2007 - 11:45 am

    We still can’t thank you both enough for capturing all of these great pictures of the time spent together. These are memories that we will all hold on to forever… and it also means more of a reason to make this a tradition every summer. We really enjoyed the friendship and time that we spent with you.ReplyCancel

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