Weekends are for…UNPLUGGING

You ever have one of those moments where Jesus just kind of grabs you by the scruff of your neck and shakes you around a little bit? And you can actually hear the words “Daughter, you are SOOOO missing the point…” as He’s doing it? Collin and I heard that from Him last week (I think Collin probably heard Him say Son, not Daughter, but you get what I’m saying.). I mean, honestly, we hear that a lot, but this time it was clear and to both of us. And you know what it was about? Facebook, of all things. I can remember when I first learned about Facebook. We were sitting in our vacation rental at Ocean Isle Beach and my brother Andrew and sister-in-law Erin were explaining it to us. Mak was four, Clara Beth was two. And OH MY WORD, were they CUTE. It was the summer that CB discovered her love for sunglasses. She had maybe 17 strands of hair on her head and they were all curly. Mak conquered his fear of jumping off of the dock into the canal. Tallon told these incredibly realistic but so untrue fishing stories. Every afternoon someone tried to get Mak to nap with them and every afternoon they failed. Those three were the only cousins then. It was a precious week and a precious time in life, and it has nothing at all to do with this post. Other than it’s when we discovered Facebook. Collin and I set up accounts, and well, the rest is history.

Facebook has been pretty great for our business and it’s been pretty great personally as well. I’ve connected with friends from childhood that I’m almost certain I would have never had any contact with if it weren’t for Facebook. Over the years it has become the main way that we communicate with our clients. It’s so easy to answer a question at 10:30 at night about clothing choices for a session. Or to schedule the next Baby Plan session. I honestly feel that Facebook has made our sessions better because communication is so easy. I love chatting with clients about their session and, let’s face it, Facebook is the easiest way to do that. But maybe it’s a little too easy. I find my self on Facebook at ALL hours of the night and day…and it’s all work. And there comes a time that you MUST stop working if you are going to maintain some form of sanity in life…no matter how much you love that work. So we have decided as a studio and as a family to unplug from Facebook every weekend. We will still be able to be reached by email for emergencies, and those Facebook messages will still pop up on our phones. If they look important and time sensitive, I’m sure we will answer them. Old habits are hard to break, you know. 😉

We spent last weekend in Charleston for a few family portrait sessions, and it was our first unplugged weekend. And it was the BEST. The fact that we were house sitting on the river right outside of Kiawah was just icing on the cake. My Gracious, it was hard to pull ourselves away from here on Sunday! I think if we could park our Airstream on this lot then we would never leave.

Coffee most definitely does taste better when this is the view you have when you are sipping it!


Mak and CB spent the entire weekend outside chasing these two. They had fun and they were FILTHY Nasty!


Sweet Abby! We fell in love with this pup!


Checking out some hunters in the river. Also, what do people hunt with guns in the water?? I’m truly clueless.





Abby Love!!

IMG_1148fb IMG_1158fb

Truly, the amount of coffee we consumed was ridiculous. Also, a little Office tribute in the form of a coffee mug. Best show ever.



My favorite pajamas on her. They must be shrinking, though, because the pants are getting too short. Sad. =)

IMG_1174fb IMG_1184fb

She felt the need for some sparkle so she headed in for a wardrobe change.


Her version of FAKE.


IMG_1207fb IMG_1210fb

Daddy’s girl ALWAYS. Love, Love, Love.

IMG_1214fb IMG_1220fb IMG_1222fb IMG_1224fb IMG_1227fb

Dancing. Always.

IMG_1236fb IMG_1248fb

Anytime we have a session downtown we head to Charleston Bake House for a whoopie pie. There are several reasons for this. One, they have clean bathrooms (hard to come by in the Holy City) but it’s rude to use a Charleston potty without making a purchase. Two, they keep our kids happy during portrait sessions. Three, they are DELICIOUS.



More dancing.


Not sure what this was?? Spiderman, maybe?


I guess it looked like fun, though, because Sister joined in.


My heart! They’re growing up so fast it’s blowing my mind. I am SO Blessed by them. Immeasurably more than I could think or imagine…


And a family pic, photobombed by two cute dogs.


It was the BEST weekend and exactly what we needed as a family. A little bit of work with friends that we love, and a whole lot of relaxing and playing in our favorite city to visit.

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