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Men Without Hats, Anyone?

Friday night was it. Miss CB’s most favorite night of the year. Okay, maybe it’s not better than Christmas Eve, but it ranks WAY up there as a favorite. She danced with her Daddy…and balloons. He said the balloons were a big hit this year. But I’m getting ahead of myself. It started with the dress. That’s always been a big deal for Clara Beth. This year she saw the girl online twirling around in a soft pink cape {or caplet as they called it} and Girlfriend was sold. She was in love with this dress and there was no swaying her. It came in two days before the dance and after some minor modifications to the afore-mentioned caplet {the aggravations of online shopping…GRRRR} she was ready to go. Well, as soon as the AMAZING Barbi at The Salon got ahold of that mass of hair. This Momma is SO not good at hair. I’ve mastered the pony-balls, but this year she wanted more and I knew Barbi was the only one who could do it. We headed to The Salon on Friday afternoon and I watched three little ladies undergo their transformations. It was super sweet, they were all completely gorgeous and most importantly, they felt special. And what girl doesn’t enjoy a little pampering every now and then, am I right?

CB and I arrived a little early and got to watch Hallie receive her blow out from her Momma. This child makes me laugh every time I’m around her. She’s outgoing, beautiful, super sweet, and HILARIOUS.

Soon it was Clara Beth’s turn. She chose a curly up-do. I love watching my girl in situations like this. She is unbelievably shy. So was her Momma when she was that age. I’m confident she’ll outgrow it…she’s already come SO far. At least we are no longer burying our head when someone speaks to us. 😉 I love my Baby’s sweet heart!

Miss Faith arrived!!!

Barbi knew just how to loosen my girl up. She teased that blond mass of curls way up high and proclaimed “All Done!”. Clara Beth thought that was the funniest thing EVER. Thank you, Barbi. =)

The clip my baby chose to wear. By the way, The Salon has some AMAZING hair bling right now.

All done!! She felt so beautiful. And she was.

Here’s where the night got crazy. We RUSHED home, threw the dress on and I took a few photos of her while Collin finished getting ready. It was an insanely busy afternoon!

We all ran over to The Baroody house where our church was having a special dinner for the dads and daughters before the dance. We took pictures and I LOVED seeing all of those pretty little ladies all dressed up. I REALLY love this night and I think it’s such an important thing for a little girl. She needs to know how she should expect to be treated when the time comes to start thinking about dating. She needs to be told that she is amazing and beautiful…fearfully and wonderfully made by her Heavenly Father…treated with respect and loved like the princess that she is. And, yes, this should be done on a daily basis. But it’s SO special to have that one night each year that she can look back on as she grows up. It blows my mind how fast this whole childhood thing goes. I love making memories. And some pretty great memories were made Friday night.

After packing everything up, Mak and I headed out for a date of our own. He chose Red Bone Alley. When I pulled into the parking lot and parked he hopped out of the car as fast as he could. Came straight to my door and opened it for me. Held my hand in the parking lot. Opened the door to the restaurant with me. He also burped out loud at the table, but let’s dwell on the positives, okay People? I love this boy. He is impulsive and makes dumb decisions quite often. But Oh my Word, he melts me. He is the funniest, craziest, cutest boy I know. I loved our little date night. I asked him if he ever wanted to go to a dance with a girl and he gagged. I LOVE him.

So, basically this was a pretty great weekend at the Smith house. Lots of kid-lovin. My favorite kind of weekend.

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