Walkin’ and Talkin’


Sweet Baby Girl is 14 months old!!! Two words could sum up Clara Beth’s world right now- walkin’ and talkin’! She is learning so much and changing daily before our eyes. She walks everywhere now, and has been for about 2 weeks. She is still a climber, and one of her favorite activities is climbing the staircase (supervised, of course!).

She is saying so many words. This is crazy to me, because Makgill was not a talker at this age. I always thought that the parents who said that their kids talked this young were exaggerating! I guess not. If I had to pick her favorite words, they would probably be uh-oh, mine, bub-o, Mommy, Daddy, baby, pappi (pacifier), pease (please), Be-be (Li-li), and Boo-boo (Boom-boom).

She really gets her feelings hurt if you tell her “no”. Especially if Makgill tells her no, which as you can imagine happens quite frequently. She can really turn on those crocodile tears! I have had so many people tell me that it looks like the tears are just “shooting” out of her eyes! She REFUSES to stay in the nursery unless someone in our family is in there. This is a problem that really needs to be addressed. Mommy really wants to be able to attend a church service again.

Clara Beth still loves her baby dolls. Just yesterday, she “fed” her baby for the first time! She also loves “helping” Mommy put make-up on. She knows what to do with the blush brush and lipstick. It’s so cute! She loves jewelry, and points to it saying “pwee” (pretty). Anything that resembles a bracelet goes straight to her wrist (link-a-doos, stacking rings, etc…)! She still loves shoes (another favorite word). Such a girl! She also loves doing anything that Bub-o (Makgill) does, though. Blocks, cars, anything. Their favorite activity right now is playing “movers” or “garbage truck”. It’s basically the same game. Mak has me put CB in a laundry basket, and he pushes her around the house either collecting things that need to be moved, or dumping things that are garbage. She adores him. We all adore her. We love you, Baby Girl!


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  • Julie, Robert and LukeJuly 23, 2007 - 11:11 am

    Such a beauty! We love you Clara Beth! Or “Beth” as Luke likes to call you!ReplyCancel

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