This week…

has been a little bit crazy. A good kind of crazy, but still…CRAZY. I’m finding myself saying that a lot lately. A non-nutso week would be quite welcome. However…I love this week every year. LOVE. IT. Good things happen this week. Tomorrow Collin and I will celebrate eleven years of marriage. ELEVEN. That sounds like we must be getting old. I don’t feel old, but in order to have been married for eleven years, we must be getting old, right? Oh my Heavens, I am SO in love with this man. There needs to be a better way to say that because saying “I’m so in love” just isn’t enough. He is absolutely 100% without a doubt the perfect man for me. He is SO much better than I am and loves and serves me in ways that I didn’t even know I needed. But I do need them. God is SO GOOD to have given him to me. But that’s enough of that. I’m sure that a gushy, lovey-dovey post is not what you came here for this morning. Thanks for humoring me, though. 😉

A sweet, precious, perfect baby boy was born this week! Baby Easton is here!!! He is SO snuggly and lovable and I kind of want to move in with Brandon and Jess so I can experience those early newborn days again. Easton definitely resembles his siblings but isn’t the carbon copy of big brother Parson the way that Sawyer was. He’s a little rounder…as his Momma says, he’s squishy. And there’s pretty much nothing sweeter in life than a squishy baby. Many, many photos of this precious one will be on the blog soon, but here are a few from yesterday.

Our Baby Girl danced this week. Is there anything cuter than little girls up on a big stage dancing their hardest, not quite getting all of the steps right but doing their best and having the time of their lives? I think not. Oh, I could have eaten her up in her little pink tutu and tights. I love being her Momma. =)

*Sidenote! All of these photos are from the dress rehearsal. We don’t do a lot of photographing on the actual recital night. That night is for watching our tiny dancer. =)

This girl. WOW. SHe is an amazing dancer and an amazing dance teacher. She taught these little girls to do for real steps like the buffalo and balance (I don’t know how to type that little French accent thingy, but you know what I’m talking about, right?). And she loved my girl which, of course, is the number one attribute of a good teacher. Thank you, Brittany. We love you!

The rest of these are from the actual recital night.

She will be five on Sunday. For the past five years her birthday has trumped our anniversary. Collin and I are both okay with that. There will be a long, sappy birthday post as soon as my heart can handle it. 😉

My favorite ballerina and my favorite baseball player. For the past 2 months we have been at the ball field watching him play two nights a week. He hit his first homerun this year. I think he is absolutely ADORABLE in his dirt-stained baseball pants. He looks good in a ball cap. I think it’s hilarious that he has decided he is going to be a professional baseball player when he grows up. Like it’s just that easy…you say you’re gonna do it, so you are. I love him and I’m so proud of him. His awards ceremony was the same night as her recital. He and Collin rushed out of the ceremony as soon as it was over and raced to the theater. They got to see Clara Beth do tap. I love that he wanted to hurry so he could see his sister dance. They really do love each other, not that you could tell it from this photo. HA.

Finally, dessert. To celebrate the ballerina and baseball player.

This week has been great and there’s still a lot to come…but probably not much blogging. I’ll be back next week!


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