The Rest of the Weekend

This Thanksgiving has been so great, with tons of time spent with family and friends. Here’s how we spent the rest of the weekend…

Collin was SO WONDERFUL to keep the kids all day Friday so that I could go shopping in Charleston with my Mom and sister-in-law, Erin. We had so much fun, but we missed you, Rebecca! Anyway, here are my Babes hanging out on the couch Friday morning, looking cute as can be in their striped jammies!



And Saturday…we have no pics, but Collin went to the BIG GAME with my Dad and brothers. It was a heartbreaking loss. We still love you, Gamecocks!

While Collin was at the game, I thought it would be fun to watch Home Alone with Mak. He ended up being scared and asked me if we would ever go on vacation and leave him!!! I felt HORRIBLE! We turned it off early and I had to lay with him until he fell asleep. I was scared I had scarred the poor boy for life, but he woke up talking about how much he loved the movie (huh?!?) and watched the entire thing this afternoon. And laughed all the way through it!

*Sweet little side-note- When Mak found out that the Gamecocks lost, he wanted to pray for the players and the fans because he didn’t want them to be too sad. I love that sweet heart of his!

We couldn’t go to church this morning, because Clara Beth has a sinus infection and is pretty snotty. So we decorated the tree!

She was in awe…



He was so careful, especially with “his” ornaments (the ones he made at Mother’s Morning Out last year).


Baby CB spent the better part of the morning in time-out, trying to learn that the ornaments are supposed to stay on the tree. So far, we’ve broken 3 ornaments (not all CB) and the decorations have been up less than 12 hours. 🙁



Clara Beth loved looking at all of the “Clara” ornaments (from the Nutcracker) that I have collected through the years. She called each one “pwee” (pretty)!


Mak’s branch…he always wants to group about 20 ornaments in one spot.



And then we went to lunch to celebrate 3 special birthdays! Brandon, Reeves, and Rebecca. Happy Birthday, Guys! We love y’all!




Mak was thrilled to run into his “best playground friend”. He calls her that because they aren’t in the same class, but see each other at recess. He LOVES her!


Enjoying some sticky sweets!






And the rest of the afternoon was spent doing more Christmas decorating. Still not finished, but here’s what we have so far. Makgill helped me cut the greenery outside. He was so cute! He took his job so seriously, and said we were on an adventure in the forest (or the flowerbed). I love seeing life through a 3 year old’s eyes!



So, that wraps up Thanksgiving 2007. I am SO Thankful for my wonderful husband, precious babies, and all of the friends and family (near and far) that we are fortunate enough to share life with. And most of all, for my Amazing Savior, Jesus Christ!

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  • Byron, Sara , Bella, and CamilleNovember 29, 2007 - 9:42 am

    Happy Holidays!!! We have been SO busy. Sorry we didn’t call on Thanksgiving. We were going to and then the day just slipped away. Your decorations look GREAT! I love Makgill’s branch. And, Clara Beth in time out cracked us up. Reminds us of someone around here – can you guess who??? She know’s all about time out.
    I have more pictures of our event to post – I just have to get around to it. I’ve started a little Eco-Friendly Interior Design bit on the side that has really been keeping me busy. So much for on the side!ReplyCancel

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