The past week at the beach

We didn’t have internet access at the beach, so we kept a journal and decided to post it all at the end of the week.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

We arrived at the beach around 3:00 pm. The house that we are staying in is a reversed floor plan. The bedrooms are on the lower level and the living area is upstairs, giving an amazing view of the beach. Aron, Makgill, Clara Beth and I arrived along with Fred and Linda. We got our things unloaded and found the rooms that would work the best for us Andrew and Erin arrived about thirty minutes later. It was great to be able to give Makgill his own room, but we would have loved it more to have had Reeves, Rebecca, and Tallon here instead. Next year. We got ready to go down to the beach and headed down towards the water. Makgill proved himself to be a beach boy. He loves the sand and showed no fear of the water. He jumped right into the waves and thought it was the funniest thing ever when he got knocked down. I thought that he would get a fear after the waves knocked him under the water, but it just made hi more determined than ever. He LOVES the ocean. Clara Beth, unable to get in the water herself, enjoyed the soothing sounds of the ocean waves and the gentle breeze of the wind. She slept for about an hour in the arms of Aron and Fred. Both of our children are proving to be well suited to a vacation at the beach.

After supper, we put Makgill down to sleep and went out onto the upper porch. It was so nice and calm. There was a gentle breeze which blew the bugs away and little humidity. We spent pretty much the entire evening outside enjoying the porch and talking about everything and absolutely nothing. It was perfect.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Makgill woke up around 6:00 and climbed into bed with his grandparents. Allowing Aron and I and Clara Beth a few extra minutes of rest. Once we got up and went upstairs, we got our cups of coffee and went back out onto the porch. The sun wouldn’t actually rise for about 30 more minutes. We brought Makgill’s tricycle with us and put it out n the porch with us. Even though it was two stories above the ground, the porch was great to let Makgill play on because it has a gate at the top of the stairs. This let us allow him to play without constantly being told to stay away from the stairs on his bike. When the sun started to rise out of the ocean, it was one of the most spectacular sunrises I have ever seen. It reminded me of the sunsets that we see off the back of a cruise ship leaving Miami, only in the other direction. There were great cloud shapes and they were highlighted just right by the sun. I got pictures, but they didn’t do it justice. I only used my little pint and shoot camera for all of our family pictures this year. It is a little limited in its capability, but is much more convenient than carrying around my SLR and lenses.

Later in the morning, about 7:30, we al went for a walk on the beach. Makgill walked most of the way, but was carried part of the way, too. This was partly because he was tired, and mostly so that he would keep up with the rest of us. He loved stopping or walking very slowly to look at the shell, and whatever trash he could find on the beach. Clara Beth wore her summer beach hat to keep the sun out of her eyes, and fell asleep. This hat is one of the cutest things I have ever seen her in. She seems to play peek-a-boo from underneath the rim of it.

p9030002_resize.JPGAfter breakfast, we went down on the beach to play. Clara Beth got to sit in her seat, p9030003_resize.JPGjust like the big people. Makgill played in the surf with Fred,p9030017_resize.JPG (Boom Boom). p9030058_resize.JPGThen went to play in the sand. He built sand piles, but mostly loved to fill in holes that I dug. His absolute favorite thing to do is the exact opposite of what was just done. If I dig a hole, he fills it. If I build something, he knocks it down. It’s a great game.p9030015_resize.JPG p9030057_resize.JPG p9030053_resize.JPG

That afternoon, Mary Virginia, a.k.a. NaNa, came down for the rest of the day. She hadn’t seen Makgill and Clara Beth for a few days, so it was nice for her to see them. We spent a little time on the beach that afternoon, but not a lot because we went out for an early dinner at Dave’s Dockside restaurant. It was torn down and rebuilt over the off season. It is now a spectacular building with a higher end menu than it used to have. The food, as always, was great. After we ate, we all went for a short walk on the dock. Makgill loved the boats and picked out his favorite one, which was also my favorite one. If I ever have an extra million dollars, or two, laying around, I think that is something I might look into buying. Until then, I will let the current owners of that bat enjoy it.


Monday, September 4, 2006

Another great sunrise with an added bonus.p9040084_resize.JPG Several miles off shore was a water spout. p9040085_resize.JPGWhy a tornado over the water gets a special name I do not know, but it was neat to see. It lasted for about ten minutes and then just disappeared. It stayed a long way of the beach, but it was close enough to actually see the ocean underneath swirling up into the air. It was like a giant splash that never stopped splashing.

p9040090_resize.JPGAfter everyone woke up and had their coffee, we went on another walk down the beach. p9040093_resize.JPGClara Beth rode along with Aron and ended up sleeping a good bit of the walk. Not all of it, though. She is a lot like Makgill was in that she loves to see what is going on around her. Unfortunately, her hat is a little big and she gets her face covered.

p9040110_resize.JPGThe rest of the day, we just hung out around the house. Clara Beth was in her walker for a little while. She can actually move it a little. She is supposed to be our baby, but she seems to have this idea of growing up. Anyway, where we had her sitting I had a lot of nice light coming in from a large eastern window so I took advantage of it and took a few pictures of this happy little girl. p9040098_resize.JPGI turned, and there is Makgill looking a little gross with his fruit chews.p9040105_resize.JPG

I had a beach portrait session this night, so I had to go as everyone was getting ready to head down to the beach. Linda had some bread so that Makgill could feed the birds. p9040117_resize.JPGI was sad to have to go at this time, but I had to go to work and I was glad to do it. I heard that Makgill had a blast.
Tuesday, September 5, 2006

We started the day the same way, out on the porch with our coffee waiting for the sun to rise. I figured out how to use my little point and shoot camera to take pictures of sunrises. p9050119_resize.JPGI think it is worth getting up before the sun rises to witness views like this. God has blessed us with amazing things to see. I strongly recommend taking the opportunity to get up and watch the sun rise over a body of water.

Today was not as pretty a day as the last few days have been. So, we went out to the mall for a little while. I had a coupon for free pillows from Select Comfort if I brought someone in to get their Sleep Number. (I bought a Sleep Number Bed when Aron was pregnant with Clara Beth, I really wanted the bed. Aron didn’t understand, but I think she loves it more than I do) Andrew agreed to try the bed out and we got our free pillows. Aron had a lot of fun getting things for Makgill and Clara Beth.

Later we went down to the beach and played for a while. p9050130_resize.JPGAron held Clara Beth and she loved looking out at the ocean with the wind in her face. p9050132_resize.JPGFor the most part, though, today was a wash as far as being outside. Makgill spent a lot of time coloring in his coloring book, as well as drawing some freehand art on his construction paper.

I had a beach session scheduled for tonight, as well. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. I had been in touch with them talking about the weather and how it wasn’t the prettiest day, but I had worked with worse. As I was driving to the session, the sky opened up. With the strong winds, I figured that the storm would pass over pretty quickly, so we all sat in our cars and waited. And waited. And waited. The wind stopped blowing and the rain just stayed where it was. After rescheduling for a few weeks later, I headed back to the beach house and they went to enjoy seafood in Murell’s Inlet.

When I got back to the house, we put Makgill to bed and pulled out Taboo to play. Guys vs. Girls. We guys didn’t do so well. It turns out that Erin is a pro player with lots of game play in college. Fred is one of those guys that will not say anything without fully thinking it through. This is great because it means you can be assured that it is going to be a very well thought out response to any question. Unfortunately when you are playing a game with a short timer it means you will not get a chance to get any points. Oh well, we had a lot of fun. Andrew and Erin had to head back to Florence the next morning, so they called it a night and we all decide that was a good idea shortly after.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Rain kept us inside this morning, which means no great sunrise. But we were able to get out to the beach a little later in the day. Makgill, as always, had a great time in the waves. p9060141_resize.JPGWe also had some more bread to feed the birds with. p9060136_resize.JPGI tried to get one to take it out of my hand, but the birds didn’t take it. Oh well, if they want to eat off of the sand, I will let them.p9060137_resize.JPG

We went back up to the house and discovered the lower porch. We knew it was there, but we hadn’t gone out on it much before. p9060146_resize.JPGThere is a hammock and two great porch swings. p9060150_resize.JPGClara Beth and I enjoyed some time on the hammock together. She is so sweet.

p9060156_resize.JPGAfter dinner, we were able to go back out on the beach. p9060168_resize.JPG p9060173_resize.JPG p9060161_resize.JPGIt was a lot cooler now, but Makgill had to get in the water.p9060174_resize.JPG He was cold, but he enjoyed it. p9060177_resize.JPGLater that night, I realized it was the full moon. This was the view outside of Aron and my room.p9060186_resize.JPG

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Another cool and rainy day. Fred headed back to Florence to take care of some work stuff, so Aron, Linda, Me and the kids went back out shopping. The Hammock Shops and the Joggling Board. We found the perfect Dedication Gown for Clara Beth. Aron is so excited that we have it. Hopefully we will be able to get the dedication set up for the week that my parents will be here early in October.

p9070007_resize.JPGWe did make it out onto the beach later in the day. Makgill was able to play with his new kite. p9070001_resize.JPGSome friends of our told us of this great kite for children. It is small and almost indestructible. Makgill thought it was funny to let it go, though. He liked to watch me run after the string. I guess it is good that it is a small kite, because it didn’t go as fast as it would have if it was able to catch more air.

We went out to dinner to Russell’s in Murell’s Inlet. Before we left we tried to get a quick family picture, but it was a little too windy.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Well, today is the last day of my vacation at the beach. I have a wedding on Saturday and I am not about to travel that distance on the day of a wedding. I will be at Osbourns for the wedding and reception. I am really looking forward to it. They do a fantastic job with everything they do there. Back to the family vacation…We were out of cream and sugar for our morning coffee, so Aron and I went to Dunkin Donuts to get coffee and we decided we might as well get breakfast while we are there.

It was a little more of a relaxing day today. p9080001_resize.JPGPlayed on the beach, swung on the swing on the porch, Makgill laid in the water. p9080004_resize.JPGEarly dinner and I had to head home to Florence. I had a fantastic time. Being able to spend that much time with your family is really what life is all about. I love the time I have with them here at home, but the extra uninterrupted time of a vacation is great. I am just sad that I am now here at home, and Aron, Makgill and Clara Beth are spending another night at the beach. I will see them for lunch tomorrow before the wedding.

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