The Fastest Week of the Year

We are back!! From a WONDERFUL, FABULOUS week at the beach. I LOVE this week. I look forward to it every year. I love being with Mak and CB on the beach, living with my nephew and nieces, and catching up with my cousins from California and Tennessee. I also enjoy having NO internet, even though the poor blog does suffer a bit. We had thirteen people in our beach house and at least 5 of us came home sick, which is why I’m sitting at home catching the blog up instead of being at church. Even with the sickness, though, it was perfect. We took a bazillion photos…I’ll share a few here and put them all up on facebook. Oh, and Collin bought himself a fun new toy…an underwater camera (which is how he captured that wave photograph…I love that one!). So the kids had my camera pointed at them on the beach and Collin’s pointed at them in the water. I wonder if the kids in our family feel like celebrities being stalked by paparazzi? 😉 Poor things.

Day 1 was SUPER windy and rainy. Not a great beach day, but they still had fun.

Look at that hair!!

I want to pack my California cousins up and move them in with us. SERIOUSLY. They are AMAZING with my kids.

Oh, how CUTE is my niece?!

Day 2…Friends came!!! And we had much better weather!

One afternoon all of the guys kayaked down to the point. I wasn’t there but I think they had a pretty great time. 🙂

I LOVE this funny kid of mine. 🙂

One night Collin did a portrait session for Reeves and Rebecca and Andrew and Erin (will share those soon!). As you probably know, bribery is a necessary part of photographing family members. So as a reward, Collin, Reeves and I took the three bigs (Mak, Tal and CB) to the arcade. Or “RK” as they call it. They loved it, we tolerated it. 🙂

I don’t like thinking about how much money we spent on two teeny bouncy balls and a 5 inch snake.

Wednesday…More Friends!! YAY!!

Caroline’s beach hair…LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Oh my Gracious, she is CUTE!!

See? Collin and his new toy. I think it’s his favorite thing right now.

CB was SO Happy to have another big girl to play with!

Ahhhh…the fish. Tal caught it down at the dock. He played with it down there for about ten minutes before deciding that Mak needed to see it. So he brought it up to the house. He let Mak poke it in the gills for a bit. They discussed the option of eating it for supper but eventually decided to set it free back in the water so it could live. By this point it had been out of the water for about 20 minutes. Ummm…yeah.

Meet our daughter, Cindy Brady.

I love that he still looks small in the great big dunes. But he turned 6 and a half on this trip. WOW.

Miss CB was enthralled with seaweed this week.

I can’t believe how much this sweet girl has changed since we were here at Spring Break!

Love the cousin love!!

First official surfing (umm…boogy board. but he calls it surfing.) accident. A wave hit him and sent him crashing into the ocean floor. After he realized he was okay he thought the blood was pretty cool. 😉

Mmmmm…SC Seafood.

Putt-Putt!!! It was Tal’s first time playing. They don’t exactly “get” the game but they sure are fun to watch. CB and Tal kept calling the clubs rackets. They played like it was hockey more than golf. They thought whoever was the fastest was the winner. They smoked the Daddies. 🙂

Clearly, the are the BEST. EVER.

And, finally, the last beach day.

This is her happy place. She spends hours running from sand to ocean. I get exhausted watching her.

Poor Sweet Caroline. She was so fussy this day and we just didn’t get it. Turns out she was getting a molar AND getting sick. 🙁

Bocce Ball!

Tess kept stealing the balls. 🙂

Mak tried to keep her from taking one and she bit him on the finger. Girly gets what girly wants!! HAHA!!!

It was Wonderful. We are so happy to be back but also already looking forward to next year!

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  • gillianJuly 25, 2010 - 12:13 pm

    LOL, Cindy Brady!!! she really does look a lot like her in that picture! love the new camera, that’s super fun! sorry to hear so many of y’all came home sick 🙁 …it was at ‘RK’ for sure! 😉
    can’t wait to see the family sessions!ReplyCancel

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