The end of another great Saturday, but this time not for a wedding.

Today was the SHE Magazine weekend out at the Florence Civic Center. I have to admit that I was a little worried about it early this week because I had not realized how quickly it was coming up. All of my new display portraits are going to be in next week, obviously not in time for today’s show. But, I have the greatest customers in the world, and was able to use several portraits that are actual customer’s orders. This, in my mind is the best show that I have ever had because of it. I had real portrait orders on display, and not just my selections. It was great. Thank you to those that let me use them.

And thank you to everyone that was there and stopped by. So many of you stopped by to talk to Clara Beth and say “Hello.” (Clara Beth, by the way, was so good today. She loves people and just had a great time watching everyone go by.) It was great to be able to take the time and talk to many of you. I greatly appreciate all of the wonderfully kind words that you all had to say about my portrait work. And, today I introduced some of my landscape work for the first time and was absolutely floored by the great response that everyone had for me. I am definitely going to need to get to work on a page of landscape work on my website. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

And finally, a word to Melia and Rodney from SHE Magazine. Great job. Not only has advertising with them been the single most effective advertising for me, ever, but they have created a great opportunity for me and so many other vendors to show off their stuff in a great environment. Thank you again to SHE Magazine. The Pee Dee area had really been blessed by this amazing God centered magazine, what an amazing ministry they have built. And just look at the response it gets. I went through 250 business cards today. Usually I need about 100 or so for a show like this.

God is at work in wonderful ways in the Pee Dee. Thank you again to everyone that stopped by. I hope to hear from you soon.

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