The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Christmas at LiLi and Boom Boom’s, and Monster Cookies

Okay, so it wasn’t actually The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Don’t you love that book, though? Man, I love me some Herdmans. Also, I realize that we are now well past the New Year and I am still harping on Christmas on the blog. There will be another Christmas post after this one, too. Gotta get those memories recorded. Bear with me. =) Anyway, this year Clara Beth was a camel in our church Christmas production. She rocked that camel role. She also sang in the children’s choir, and they were pretty much the cutest things ever up there on that stage. I CANNOT listen to a group of children sing without tearing up. It’s like this automatic reflex. As soon as those sweet little voices start, the blubbering idiot in Aron comes out. This year the choir performed twice. Once at Christ Church at King Avenue and then again at our church, Church at Sandhurst, on the Sunday morning before Christmas.

The King Avenue performance was a little bit more formal, so I took it as the perfect opportunity to dress Clara Beth in one of my old dresses. You know, big collar, giant bow, the whole works. I was going for sweet little Southern girl. Well, sister was in an extremely goofy mood, so instead I got silly faces and arm farts in front of the Christmas tree. Nice.

IMG_4029fb IMG_4041fb IMG_4042fb

And then after the performance I thought it would be a great idea to get a photo of the kids in front of the beautiful red doors of the church. But they discovered the awesome huge shadows they could make and then CB dared to hug on her brother and then it was all over. It was a good thought.

IMG_4050fb IMG_4052fb IMG_4054fb IMG_4056fb IMG_4059fb

And then the Sunday morning performance at Sandhurst. I can’t stop laughing at some of the facial expressions in this next pic. Don’t worry, this was just practice.


Tess was LOUD. Hilariously LOUD.

IMG_4318fb IMG_4321fb

Love this little angel. =)


And this camel!


See, Tallon is in this phase where he closes his eyes every time the camera is pointed his way. So you kind of have to surprise him with pictures. Which is clearly what’s going on here.


See? Awesome.

Wild Angels. =)


His new hilarious camera trick.


How Tess spent a good portion of the service. HA!

IMG_4374fb IMG_4376fb IMG_4380fb IMG_4385fb IMG_4391fbAnd the funniest part was Elliot pulling the tail of the camel in front of him.


The kids were awesome and I was so impressed with all of them! It was beautiful to hear their little voices singing praise to the Lord!

Moving on to Christmas at LiLi and Boom Boom’s. They spoil us all rotten and this year was the year of DISNEY!!! We are all anticipating our very first trip with ALL seven of the cousins later this Spring. EEEEEK!!!! I can’t even tell you how excited I am!

IMG_4400fb IMG_4402fb IMG_4407fb IMG_4408fb IMG_4410fb

Ahhh…sleepy Tallon again. I love that.


She found her name!

IMG_4412fb IMG_4413fb IMG_4418fb IMG_4420fb

Cousins gotta HUG!!!

IMG_4423fb IMG_4427fb IMG_4429fb IMG_4430fb IMG_4432fb IMG_4433fb



Art and dance. A combination of her favorite things.

IMG_4438fb IMG_4440fb IMG_4446fb

It’s complete chaos. And so much fun.

And, finally, a little monster cookie baking and The Christmas Story and Christmas carols with friends. These pictures are technically not that great. In fact, they’re pretty bad. But I love them because they show my little goof balls doing what they do best…aggravating the snot out of one another. They are best friends, but never in a million years would they admit it.

IMG_4066fb IMG_4068fb IMG_4070fb IMG_4071fb IMG_4073fb IMG_4075fb IMG_4078fb IMG_4087fb IMG_4088fb IMG_4093fb IMG_4095fb IMG_4096fb IMG_4100fb IMG_4105fb IMG_4106fb

And with that, I think we’re down to only one more Christmas post! Hopefully I’ll have it up before Valentine’s Day. =)

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