The Baby Plan

“They grow up so fast!” That is the one phrase that I heard more than any other when I was pregnant and/or had a brand new baby. And to be perfectly honest, I got kind of tired of hearing it. I mean, EVERYONE said it to me, EVERYWHERE I went. I felt like it was all I heard. All I wanted to do was enjoy this sweet baby that was so perfect and new to me. Not think about him growing up so fast!

And then I woke up one morning and that itty-bitty, teeny-tiny baby that I held swaddled in my arms was running around our backyard, climbing stairs, and actually talking to me. All of those people were right. They do grow up so fast. That first year of a baby’s life is so fleeting. And it’s something you can never get back. That is why we created The Baby Plan at Collin M. Smith Portrait Photography. To help you hold on to that first year forever. Call us today to find out more about this plan! 843-665-4646

Oh, and one other reason that we created the Baby Plan…See these precious little ones? They are our babies seven and five years ago.

And here they are three years ago, when I first created this page.

And here they are now.

I LOVE tiny babies. And I LOVE getting to love on them on a daily basis. But I no longer get to love on sweet little ones because these two went and grew up on me! So, that’s where you come in. We promise that when you bring your newborn in to us, we will love that baby. Your baby’s health and safety will be our number one concern. We want you to bring your baby to us as early as you are comfortable with it! We have had little ones in here as early as four days after their birth. At this age you can get amazingly sweet, curled up baby portraits that are just not possible if you wait even two weeks! This does require some planning, though. This precious, brand new baby session will only happen if you call when you are still pregnant. Call early to plan this session! 843-665-4646 or

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