That’s not blood, it’s jelly! aka Kids are gross…Camping at James Island

A couple of weeks ago we had some sessions down in Charleston and were able to make a camping weekend out of it. Collin and I have heard from practically everybody, even non-campers, that we needed to camp at James Island County Park one day. We have been checking ever since we got the pop up two years ago and it was ALWAYS booked solid. No availability. EVER. After camping there for a few days, I now understand why. This place was great! Shaded and woodsy sites, miles upon miles of bike trails that run along the SC marsh, and more activities than we could have ever completed in a three day stay. Plus it was only about 18 minutes from the heart of downtown Charleston.

Our good friends the Elders joined us (they were one of the sessions we did…can’t wait to share!!!) and they stayed in a cabin right around the corner from our campsite. It was great having another family to climb rock walls with, do campfires with, and eat with. The kids were on their bikes non-stop. Which is where the title of this post came from. There were plenty of spills off of those bikes and after one of them the great Ben Elder gave the diagnosis of “That’s not blood, it’s jelly.” You have to go to medical school to dish out that kind of diagnosis, People. And, the “kids are gross”? That comes from Collin’s VERY STRONG aversion to kids reaching their hands into the chip bag. If you’ve ever shared a meal with Collin where a bag of potato chips and kids are involved, then you know that Collin DOES. NOT. TOLERATE. kid hands in the chip bag. He says he’s seen where those hands go and he doesn’t want that nastiness anywhere near his chips. Think about it for a minute. He’s got a point.

Anyway, back to camping. Saturday morning we headed over to the rock climbing wall. I’ve gotta tell you, I had shamefully low expectations for my baby girl. I mean, she’s got many many gifts, but she’s just not the most coordinated girl on the planet. I was WRONG. Sister zipped up to the top of that wall before any of the boys did. I was so proud of her and she was so happy! It was nice to see her excel in a physical activity, because normally she’s kind of left in the dust by her big brother and big cousin when it comes to activities that require physical coordination. They all did great and it was a really fun morning. And I happily watched and cheered them on from the bottom of the walls. =)

The rest of the weekend was spent riding bikes, going to the splash pad or playground, fishing, and just hanging out. Have I mentioned before how much I love camping?? I really really do. And I honestly cannot believe I’m saying that.

Sweet Em. Loves camping.

Even on a weekend camping trip you have to prepare for your weekly presentation for your co op class on the function of Golgi Bodies in the plant cell. I LOVE our curriculum that we are using this year. But that’s another post for another day.

The Splash Pad. Lots of fun and also where my baby got her first loose tooth. See that kid beside her? She just bounced her tooth off of his head. Ouch for both of them. And my baby now resembles Nanny McPhee with a very wiggly tooth hanging out of her mouth. Sigh.

This kid kills me. How is he already eight and a half?

The bike trails were so beautiful! It reminded me of Kiawah, just without the houses.

A shelter that the boys built at the neighboring campsite.

It was such a fun trip and we can’t wait to return. And, bonus, we had some really great sessions while we were down there! Keep checking back to see those soon!

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