That Time the Kids bathed the Dog outside and then Mak pretended to pee on his sister…

We’re decorating our photo tree tonight and I’m loving going through all of our pictures from the past year. I’m going to try to do a post that has more info on the photo tree because lots of y’all have been messaging asking about it. But first, I had to document these pictures in a post. I had completely forgotten about this Sunday afternoon in July until I was going through looking for photos for the tree. They made me smile so I knew I needed to record the memory in my baby book (this blog). So here you go…Mak and CB’s pet grooming service. =)

Poor Pup. She’s pretty sure she’s NOT going to like what’s coming. She’s right.

Em’s all like “Really? You’re seriously letting them do this? I want a new family.”

That boy loves that puppy so much!

Maybe she’s smiling?

And then this one. Little turkey sees a hose and decides he knows what to do with it. Sister is completely oblivious, just enjoying being in the dirty dog water. Yes, he was told this was inappropriate and to quit. Yes, Collin and I laughed. I love being a parent. They make life better. =)

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