Today was Makgill’s Thanksgiving Feast at school. He’s been learning about the first Thanksgiving, and what it means to be thankful. This week, he came home with three paper leaves, and we were to write what he is thankful for on them. Here’s what my Baby is thankful for in 2007: trees and leaves; Mommy, Daddy, Clara Beth, and Makgill; food, Jesus, and his fire truck backpack. What a PERFECT list for a 3 year old boy!

I was asked to make dressing and corn for the Feast. Corn…okay, but DRESSING?!?! I’ve NEVER done that! That’s my Mom’s job at Thanksgiving! I’m not gonna lie…I’ve never been mistaken for a gourmet chef. And the dressing seems like a pretty important part of the meal to me, so I didn’t want to mess it up. Thankfully, Li-li stepped in to help! Yesterday the kids and I went to my parents house and Mom, Makgill, and I made the dressing. My part of “making the dressing” consisted of running to the grocery store for more chicken broth when we ran out. You can see that I played a crucial role in the process. Mak really did help, and had a great time doing it. Mom is so much more patient with him than I am when it comes to things like that. Also, Mom came to the Feast with me to help me watch Clara Beth. So…that brings me to what I’m thankful for today. My Mom! Thanks, Mom, for all of your help. I hate to think of what those poor kids would have been subjected to had I made the dressing myself!

Cooking with Li-Li yesterday (sorry about the poor picture quality!)


He was so excited to see that I brought Li-li with me! This is him running to her.


Y’all…they PRAYED! IN SCHOOL! They even prayed “in Jesus name”. I can’t even explain to you how completely wonderful this made me feel!

Baby CB was being a little loud, so Li-li told her “shhhh”. Sweet Baby CB hit her in response. Lovely.


This boy LOVES his school!


Clara Beth REALLY enjoyed the food, especially the cake. She kept asking for “moo, moo” (more).


He left me. About halfway through the meal, he asked if I would mind if he went to sit with his friend. Kind of sad, but I’m thrilled that he’s making fun friends.


Mak and CB in their new ride. Mak loves it, because he can sit or stand. He plays “garbage man” on it.


Playing “school” with Li-li.


Thanks again for your help, Mom!

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  • HopeNovember 16, 2007 - 3:44 pm

    Oh what FUN!
    Where would we be without our Moms?!ReplyCancel

  • Linda CannonNovember 21, 2007 - 7:58 am

    And where would we “moms” be without our children and grandchildren? People say “if I’d have known the grandchildren would be this much fun I would’ve had them first”. Us grandmoms can AFFORD to be more patient with the kids than you moms. After all, you eventually take them home and then we can clean up the mess without little hands going behind us messing it up again. And while we are cleaning it up we just smile at how precious those little hands are. So thank you, Aron, Collin, Reeves, Rebecca and (someday) Andrew and Erin for giving us little hands to clean up behind!!! LiLiReplyCancel

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