Sweet Lilah Drew!

You wanna know what maybe the third greatest job in the world is? Being an aunt. Jobs #1 and #2 are being a wife and mom, of course, but being an aunt is SO great. And, maybe sometimes it’s even better. You know what I mean. Not better. Nothing’s better than being a wife and mom. But you don’t have to discipline or worry that they’re not eating enough vegetables or deal with sleepless nights. I imagine it’s kind of like a step toward being a grandmother, which I’ve heard is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Those sweet little ones that call me Aunt Aron have my heart and I am SO unbelievably thankful for them! And there really is nothing much better in the world than watching a group of happy cousins running around playing together. Lilah Drew came in for her six month session last week. I can’t believe it’s already that time. She’s the sweetest little thing. She’s found her voice and I could listen to her little baby talk babble all day long. She’s SUPER cuddly and when you hold her, she puts her cheek right up to yours..incredibly sweet! She sucks on her bottom lip constantly and her smile is so beautiful! Lilah Drew, we love you, Sweet Baby! I am SO glad you’re part of our family!

See? I told you she was cute. 😉 After the normal part of Lilah Drew’s session we moved on to get some examples for Color Pop! This Limited Edition is filling up FAST. I’m so happy that y’all like it as much as I do. It’s such a fun one and a great big burst of energy in an otherwise gloomy time of year. This Limited Edition will be February 4th by appointment only. As with all Limited Editions, session fees are $45 and portrait prices are up to 50% off of normal prices. We will be able to create custom Valentine’s Day cards from these sessions, too! Now, here’s Miss Caroline and Lilah Drew on Color Pop! Call or email to schedule your appointment. 843-665-4646 or collin@cmsmithportraits.com

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