Supper at Li-li and Boom-Boom’s

My parents are keeping my precious nephew Tallon for a few days while my brother and sister-in-law celebrate their 5th anniversary (by the way,guys, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!). Anyway, Mom calls this morning to see if we want to come over for supper. Ummmm……YES! Not have to think up supper plans? Are you kidding? Plus, my Mom’s the best cook I know, so every time- the answer is yes! So, Reeves and Rebecca, I am posting these pics for you, so you can see what your sweet guy was up to tonight. I know you won’t see them until you get back (At least I hope not. Checking blogs is not all that romantic!), but I always think it’s fun to see how my kids act when I’m away. Thought you might too! Just in case you’re wondering, Tal is doing great! He’s being spoiled rotten with love. Just the way things should be at Li-li and Boom-Boom’s.

The boys playing blocks


Awww…sharing a block with his cousin


Umm, Li-li, don’t you think it’s time to eat again? We’ve only eaten 6 times since I’ve been here!



Cuddles with Li-li just before bed. Night-night Mom and Dad!


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