Super Excited!!!

Y’all!! I am SO Excited!!! I just convinced Collin to change our two night reservations at Disney to…A CAMPSITE!!! And not just any campsite. Oh, No. We’re going to be roughing it. We are staying in a TENT! Have I ever stayed in a tent? NO. Do I enjoy bugs and heat? Not so much. Hence the “convincing” Collin. Collin’s not worried about himself. Or the kids. He knows they will all do just fine even if we have monsoon like conditions the entire time we are there. He’s worried about me. In all of our nearly 11 years of marriage Collin has never seen me rough it. I’m ready, though. When I was 16 years old I spent 6 weeks on a mission trip to Belize, Central America where we had no electricity or inside plumbing and it was about 118 degrees every single day. I LOVED it. Granted, I was a lot younger. But two days in a tent with my three favorite people at one of the nicest campgrounds in America? I’ve got this. =)

Let me give you a little bit of background info. I know you’re probably thinking “Seriously? Disney AGAIN?” I know, it’s ridiculous. We originally got our annual passes because it was our escape place from work. Collin has no such thing as typical “working” hours. He works from early in the morning until around midnight every night. He works most weekends. That’s got to change. We have some pretty exciting changes coming to the studio in the near future, but that’s another post for another day. =) Disney was our place to get away. Now, we do sessions there every time we go. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a happy, relaxing vacation and we love every minute of it. We are going for two days in May to do a portrait session for one of our favorite little princesses. It’s coming at the end of a very busy April and the beginning of a very busy summer. It’s going to be a quick trip with hardly any park time. I wanted to do something different. So, we are. I can handle anything for two days, right? And I’m pretty sure that I’m going to love it. Not to mention the price difference…WOWZA!!

That being said…we are pretty ignorant when it comes to this whole camping thing. I need MAJOR advice, People! Please tell me what to expect, what to bring. Do I need air mattresses? What are some of your favorite camping meals? If you have stayed at Fort Wilderness then I REALLY would love to chat. And THANKS in advance for the advice!

You know my feelings about posts with no photos, so here are some from yesterday evening. Nights like this one are what I am hoping to get with camping. =)

He jumped out of the car from Awana and immediately hopped on his bike. No time to remove the Sparks vest.

Spontaneous song and dance performance from the fabulous Miss CB

I love that she still swings like this sometimes. And in a dress.

I have to say that the portrait garden has never been more beautiful for Easter portraits than it’s going to be this year. Thanks to Brandon Granger at Granger Landscapes!! New blooms are sprouting up every morning! VERY few appointment times left, call if you are interested! 665-4646


Miss Em is getting bigger by the day. She wont be joining us on this first camping trip, but we hope she will come along for the next ones!

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  • KatieApril 11, 2011 - 8:27 pm

    For 2 nights, I say skip the air mattresses. You can buy foam camping mats that go under your sleeping bags. They are SO easy and still work if they get a hole. And as for meals, I vote for s’mores at every meal!ReplyCancel

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