I think the Lord gives Southerners days like this past Sunday so we will have the strength to make it through the long, cold winter. 😉 Sunday morning was a rough one for our family. It seems we were all fussing with each other about everything. It was all we could do to make it out the door. Let’s just say I wouldn’t use the term “one big happy family” to describe us on the 5 minute drive to church.

We work from home. We homeschool. We live at home. We play at home. Sometimes? We need to get OUT of the home. Because work is always there. School is always there. It has a tendency to get stifling if we aren’t careful. When we are home there is always the distraction of sending one more email, editing one more photo, doing one more science lesson. Sometimes you need to take the distractions away and just PLAY.

Anyway, back to Sunday. It was GORGEOUS, right? We decided on the way to church that an afternoon playing on the beach was just what we needed. No work. A little bit of school (We’re studying Sea birds in Science…it was good to have some real, live visuals) and LOTS of play time.

She told us that she loves the beach more than any place on earth. Even Disney.

And when we are here, this is what she does. Hour after hour of digging, patting, and sculpting her dream castles.

He can only dig for so long before he needs some action. Bring on the football. Or soccer ball. Or any ball, just give the boy a ball.

I love her crazy beach hair. =)

And his CUTE beach smile!

And I really really love watching my boys run, wrestle and tackle on the beach.

Poor bird. Don’t worry, he flew away in plenty of time. And then kept coming back for more. I think he liked my boy.

There’s so much I love about this image…her tacky sweatshirt and fake smile, his look of pure disgust that we are making him stand still for the camera. They are getting SO BIG.

And our view on the way home…Gorgeous. As Miss CB said, “Look at the pwetty sky that God painted for us!” It was such a wonderful day!

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  • Li LiFebruary 2, 2011 - 7:42 am

    I will have to tell her Boom Boom what CB said about loving the beach even more than Disney. This is the way to his heart.ReplyCancel

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