St. Patrick’s Day 2011

I LOVE Florence. Seriously. I grew up here and all of my life I swore I would live far away from this tiny town when I was an adult. What in the world was I thinking?! Sure we are lacking in some areas, but really, FUN family events like the one we participated in yesterday more than make up for it in my mind. Yesterday was the St. Patrick’s Day parade!!! Complete with a bazillion of Florence’s little cuties dressed head to toe in green riding bikes/trikes/wagons/strollers decorated in green and the best part…the Firetruck. You know it’s gonna be good if there’s a firetruck in the lead.

When the day started out I was a little nervous that my sweet daughter was the only green thing I would be seeing that day. Turns out it was just a major early morning coughing fit that triggered a weak stomach. Girlfriend ran around the house all day long eating everything in sight. She was definitely ready to party at 4:00. I made her ride in a stroller, though, instead of her bike which she was highly peeved about. You will see that peeved look in the photos. 😉 It’s just that she’s pretty new to this whole no training wheels thing and that combined with just getting over sickness AND the 300 other people who would be on bikes…I just thought it would be best.

Nutty Baby girl. Love her like Crazy!

There was quite the CROWD this year! Love it!

Cute little parade peeps…

There’s just not much in life cuter than a baby and a blankie.

Even Baby Easton wore green!

I didn’t see much of him…he was pretty speedy on that bike. His hiney did make the front page of the morning news, though! We’re so proud…

Hmmm…wonder where he gets this from? 😉

She’s giving me the stank eye behind those sunglasses because I wouldn’t let her eat the cupcakes. She kept sticking her fingers in the icing and licking them. I guess she thinks I’m not that smart? I finally gave in and let her have them. And a sugar cookie. And some oreos. Glad she’s feeling better. =)

We were never in any danger with Officer P around.

I could EAT HIM UP!!!!

CB made Lilah this sign before the parade yesterday. I handled the glue, she handled the glitter.

And finally, the FABULOUS hosts!!! Thank you SOOOO Much for putting this on, Brandon and Jessica! It was so much Fun!!!

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