Do you ever find yourself trying to hurry things up and get to the next season or stage in life? I do this all the time and it makes me so mad at myself! In the dreadful, scorching HEAT of August I was ready for the crisp, cool weather of Fall. When Halloween rolled around I already had Christmas on the brain. Now that Christmas is over I’m sick and tired of this cold weather and I’m anticipating warmer summer days. Why do I do this?!? God has given us the seasons for a reason and I should ENJOY the moments of each and every one of them. As I was walking to my car this morning I groaned to Mak, “Ugh…if it’s not going to snow it should at least be 70 degrees outside. I’m ready for SPRING!!” Really?? Is that what I want to waste my time complaining about? Dang, I can be SO Selfish sometimes!! So, today I decided to enjoy the winter weather with my babes. No, we don’t have the snow that I was hoping for but it IS still FREEZING outside (to this Southern girl, at least!). So, hot chocolate it was. It’s not much, I know, but I can’t very well enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with the kids in July. They had fun, I had fun, and I actually ENJOYED this cold winter day for what it was. 🙂

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven…Ecc 3:1


We had exactly 9 mini marshmallows left in the house. Mak got 5, she got 4. He’s older. She was okay with that. 🙂



Oh, the bed-head!!!




His almost 6 year old hands still look teeny when holding a big mug!!


She ADORES him!!!


Still in her pjs. She’s been in her pjs all week!




And then onto some car playing. Mak asks me 3,756 times a day to play cars. I really wish I enjoyed playing cars more. 😉




It was a perfect, cozy little morning with my babies. Love them!!!

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