SC Wedding Photographer: Will’s Proposal to Brittany!

Oooooh My Goodness. New Year’s Eve 2012 was AMAZING. About four weeks ago Collin got a phone call from Wil asking what we were up to on New Year’s Eve. We told him that we had no plans (we never do…that’s not our holiday, ya know?) and he then asked if we would be able to join him in Charleston for a sunset sail where he was going to PROPOSE TO HIS GIRLFRIEND!!! After I picked my jaw up off the floor I enthusiastically nodded to Collin that YES, we would most definitely be up for this job. Why was my jaw on the ground? Well, you see, I’ve known Wil since he was a little kid running around our church. In my eyes there was no way he was old enough to be proposing. But then I started thinking about it and realized that this kid I was picturing in my mind was actually now a grown man, graduated from college and holding down a real job. And he’s definitely old enough to be asking his girlfriend of five and a half years to be his bride.

Fast forward to Monday. The plan was to meet Wil and Brittany in Downtown Charleston for a portrait session. See, Charleston is their favorite city to visit as a couple, and Brittany has been asking Wil about having some photos done of the two of them for awhile now. So he surprised her with the gift of a portrait session in her favorite city. We had a wonderful time with the two of them, walking all over downtown and getting to know them better. Let me tell you, I love these two! Brittany is an absolute doll. Sweet, sweet girl and so in love with her guy. It shows with everything in her. Wil? WOW, such a gentleman. I loved watching him watch her. He protected her…looked out for her the entire time we were together. They are great together and I’m glad we had that time before getting on the boat. And the session??? Oh Goodness, I can’t wait to share the photos with you!

So we finished that portion of the session and headed over to Patriot’s Point. Wil said that on the way over Brittany told him that she wished we had done a few more photos near the water while we were downtown. Ha! Just wait, Girl! See, for their second anniversary, Brittany gave Wil a sailing trip in Charleston Harbor. Only it never happened due to the busy-ness of life. He told her that they would be going on a New Year’s sunset cruise and that since we were already here, he had asked us to join them and document the trip.

We walked out onto the pier and found this waiting for us:

Gorgeous, right? Um, yeah, Wil did GOOD. And the captain and his wife couldn’t have been sweeter. I’ll share their contact info at the end of this post because I promise you, a sail on their boat needs to be on your bucket list.

The first few minutes were spent looking around and checking out this AMAZING boat.

Seriously. AMAZING!!!

I just love these two! They are so great and have so much fun together!

This was hilarious. Brittany said “I wonder if he’ll honk at me?” and did the honk motion that you do for 18-wheelers on the interstate as this GIGANTIC barge went by. Guess what? He did!

A little Titanic moment. Because you kind of have to on a boat like this. Duh. 😉

I can’t even describe how peaceful it was out there. It was truly incredible. I could handle a sunset sail every week or so. You know, for my sanity.

Finally, it was time. Wil wanted to propose right at sunset. He took her hand and led her to the front of the boat and talked to her for what seemed like forever. It was such a beautiful, private moment. His love for her was so evident in every aspect of it.

In an instant, he reached into his pocket and was down on one knee.

Y’all, the tears were flowing! From Brittany, and I’m not gonna lie, from me too. I was happy to have a giant camera to cover my face. 😉

It was a perfect night. The weather, the couple, the setting, the proposal…EVERYTHING. God created a beautiful masterpiece that we were privileged to witness on Monday!

They were SO Happy!!!

Brittany called her mom (who already knew because Wil was awesome and of course had already asked her dad for Brittany’s hand in marriage) to share the news. My favorite part of the conversation was when she shouted “Mom, I’m just SO HAPPY!”

It was the BEST. It was an honor to be there and a night that I will never forget. Wil and Brittany, we’ve already told you this, but marriage is the absolute BEST thing this side of Heaven. You are starting the most wonderful journey…Enjoy it! We are so excited for y’all!

“I have found the one my heart loves. I held him and would not let him go…” Song of Solomon 3:4

And for more info on the Sunset sail, check this website:

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