Personal Post: Reminiscing…

This picture…Sigh. There are so many things about it that I love. Did you know that Clara Beth turned six this week?? SIX??? Both of my kids have to use two hands to show you how old they are. That’s completely NUTS. You want to know how we spent our Friday night? We watched old home movies. Of Mak when he was two (cutest two year old EVER) and me just before CB was born (did you know she was going to be named Eliza?). Oh My Word, those were some CUTE babies. So now I feel the need to have another one because how can I deny the world of that much cuteness? Collin says NO. Affirmatively. We’ll see. =) For real, though…this picture. Here’s what I love (in list form because lists ROCK):

*He’s the age in that photo that she is in real life now.

*He’s in his first ever Superman tee. That’s pure Awesomeness.

*Their arms are wrapped around one another. Melt a Momma’s heart.

*Her pony-balls with red bows.

*He had recently chopped his bangs off (which made me really mad at the time but now I can laugh).

*Her rubber-like finger that is hyper-extended out there? Why do I like that so much?

Happy Memorial Day. We are SO incredibly thankful for those who have served for this amazing country. Hope you all have a great time celebrating and remembering those who have fought for our freedom. See you Tuesday!

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