Photo Tree 2010!

I think I can officially say that it feels like Christmas at the Smith house. It took a little longer this year. It’s felt like Christmas in the studio for a month now, but that feeling has taken a little longer to trickle into the rest of our home. BUT…we are on our last official day of homeschool for the year, my photos came in for our Photo Tree, and we started The Jesse Tree last night and we have watched Home Alone together as a family. You have not seen laughter until you have seen Makgill Smith watching the painful parts of Home Alone. It is the funniest thing EVER. It officially feels like Christmas. =)

I can’t believe we are finished with homeschool for the year. Remember, I started on August 1st so I could take the entire month of December to focus on Christmas. Right now, Mak is lounged out on the floor beside me, fire going in the fire place, working on his last Math Review test of the year. Occasionally he looks at me and makes a poot noise on his arm or whines something about not knowing an answer. And then he just tried out a little “Let’s Make a Deal” by suggesting that he does half of the test and I do the other half. Nice try, Kid. For the most part, though, he’s learned to focus and get the job done so he can move on to better things. We have both learned a lot about each other in these past few months. I wouldn’t trade this time with him for anything but WOW, there have been some frustrating days. I am amazed at the work he is doing and the knowledge he is gaining, but more than anything I am amazed by his heart. It has been wonderful to REALLY get to know him. I feel like I know what makes my boy tick better now than I ever have before. I really wish I could bottle my kids up at the ages they are now. Life is really fun with them. =)

Like I said earlier, we did the photo tree again this year. Only Collin made the pictures smaller so I could fit MORE on the tree!! YAY!!!! It’s been so much fun looking over our year. If you were to come look at our tree you would learn that (in no particular order): 1. We love the beach (and we love it even more when friends and family are there with us). 2. We love Disney World. 3. We pretty much love to travel anywhere. 4. We love our cousins. 5. CB still would rather play with a baby doll than anything else. 6. Mak would rather be outside in a tree than anywhere else. 7. We think Grandparents are the greatest. 8. Momma likes photos of feet. A LOT. =) I love this tree so much. And I love hearing the conversations between Mak and CB about the memories we have made over the past year.

Last night we had a little battle with Mr. Mak. There was a disagreement between us and him about whether or not he should read a new book that I bought for him. Yes, I bought it and then after getting it home I changed my mind. I decided that the subject matter might be a little advanced. He was mad, and rightfully so. I mean, I bought him something and then took it back. Big mistake on my part. Anyway, he ended up going to bed with The Dangerous Book for Boys, instead. GREAT, GREAT book!!! He marked the pages of everything he wanted to do with Collin over our Christmas break. Looks like my boys are gonna be pretty busy. 😉

And with that think I’ll go cut out some more ornaments and tie some ribbons. Merry Christmas, Y’all!

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