Personsal Post: That time the kids tried to kill their dad at the zoo…

Ummm…WOW. Y’all knocked our socks off with the response to the Christmas post yesterday. I’m so glad that y’all are as excited as we are about the upcoming season! We booked a ton of sessions yesterday, but we still have plenty of times to fill, so give us a call if we can set you up with one. We’d love to!

We had a session in Columbia yesterday…actually, this was the third time we had scheduled this session but the first time we were actually able to keep the appointment time, thanks to the rain. Gotta say, it was worth the wait. Last night was Gorgeous! Earlier in the week we learned that our morning session was going to need to reschedule, leaving our day wide open before that evening Columbia session. Anyway…all of that back story just to tell you that we decided to surprise the kids with a zoo trip yesterday. They’ve been talking about that new ropes course at Riverbanks ever since they saw it under construction at The Lights Before Christmas last year. And since our kids are pretty much parentless during the month of November (not really, but it is our busiest month) we like to do fun things when we can leading up to that time. The plan was to let the two of them do the ropes course while Collin and I cheered them on from the ground. HA. Turns out, CB wasn’t tall enough to climb without a parent (you have to be 48 inches) so one of us had to join her. And while the Frye sandals that I chose to accompany my outfit that morning were perfect for a leisurely stroll around the zoo, they were most definitely not rope climbing shoes. So that left it up to the dad. Who is dreadfully TERRIFIED of heights. I had some pretty great chuckles watching Collin’s facial expressions as he chased after Baby Girl. Final result? Kids LOVED it. Collin did not. Only due to the extreme heights that he had to climb. He’s a GREAT daddy!

DONE! So proud of them!

Now it was time to move on to something a little tamer. You know, like wild animals. Ha. I kill myself with bad jokes on a Friday afternoon.

And, in keeping with my New Year’s Resolution, a pic of the four of us together.

From there we headed to the Horseshoe where we walked around and {brainwashed} asked the kids what they thought they would study when they attended USC. Do you realize that Mak could be walking this campus as a student in TEN years? That made me hyperventilate a bit. And also made me realize that my time left with them living under my roof is so precious. It’s gonna fly. And I’m determined to make it fun and meaningful. So blessed to have these three loves in my life. Happy Weekend, Y’all.


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