Personal Post: The Baby lost her first tooth

It happened! Remember when I posted about our James Island camping trip and I told you that Clara Beth bounced her tooth off of some poor kid’s head and her tooth was knocked loose because of it (Seriously, poor kid!)? Well, it’s been disgustingly wiggly for the past two days. I haven’t been able to look at her without my skin crawling. She’d sit around wiggling it with her finger, pushing her tongue through it, making gross noises with it…you get the idea. The tooth needed to GO. So today while Mak was at tennis, CB and I were in the pro shop having a conversation with two of my favorite mommas about one of my favorite places (Disney) and I heard her whisper “You can pull it out.” I didn’t hesitate one bit, put my hand in her mouth, and yanked that nasty tooth out. I think she was a little shocked but super excited. And just like that, my baby now looks like this:

Bittersweet. I was so excited when Mak lost his first baby teeth. He was SO Stinkin’ CUTE with a giant hole in his mouth where four teeth once resided. But CB’s baby teeth are the LAST baby teeth in this house. So, I’m not as excited to see them go. It happens too fast. I do think that little gap is pretty sweet, though.

We celebrated by having some frozen yogurt for supper. Don’t judge. It’s yogurt, not ice cream, and they each had fruit. So there. And, remember, it’s not everyday that the baby of the family loses her first tooth. And most importantly, I did not have to cook tonight. See? Everybody’s happy.

I’m pretty sure that this is going to be the way she walks around for the next week or so. She’s kinda pumped about the toothless thing.

I will always love their eyelashes. Weird? Maybe. Collin thinks it is. I don’t care. =)

Pushing lemon yogurt through the new hole in her mouth. For Real, Kids are gross.

He really, really wanted me to take his picture. He was begging. Ha.

See, the shirt’s funny ’cause it’s not gonna happen. You were born into the wrong family for that, Kid.

We love you, Miss CB. Congrats on losing your first tooth, Baby Girl.

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