Personal Post: Pumpkin Carving 2013

What in the world was I thinking trying to do school today? I definitely should have taken a clue from the public schools on this one and just canceled. A parent teacher conference would have been nice. You know, just me sitting by myself talking to myself in a coffee shop. Yeah, that wouldn’t be weird at all. None of us were feeling school today, so we did spelling tests, math, and reading and called it a day. Now to enjoy the first weekend of my favorite month of the year.

I will enjoy this first day of November by blogging my babes while I listen to them run around outside with the neighbor kids. Y’all. They have formed this club…the Partridge Kids Club…and it’s the cutest thing. I’m a little jealous that I can’t be a member. But alas, I’m not a kid. They spend their afternoons drawing up blueprints for a clubhouse. They have elected officers. It’s official and I LOVE it. There’s no hope of us ever living out our dream of moving to the country now. Mak and CB offer loud shouts of protest every time we mention it. “NOOOOO!!! We can’t move!! Unless our friends do too…” I love it.

But anyway, back to the purpose of this post. Pumpkin carving 2013!!! I was going to do all of Halloween in one post but there were way to many pictures for that, so I’ll just keep it at pumpkin carving for this one. We did this yesterday after school and before trick or treating. They were big enough to do it all by themselves this year.




Grossed out by the pumpkin guts. =)

IMG_1374fb IMG_1377fb

IMG_1386fb IMG_1391fb IMG_1393fb


I’ll never forget his first pumpkin carving experience. He was two and when he touched the pumpkin insides he immediately threw up from the grossness of it. We’ve come a long way, Baby.

IMG_1409fb IMG_1414fb IMG_1423fb IMG_1445fb

IMG_1449fb IMG_1452fb IMG_1456fb

Lots of planning and deciding on patterns…such a big decision.

IMG_1467fb IMG_1484fb

IMG_1490fb IMG_1491fb IMG_1492fb IMG_1493fb IMG_1510fb

IMG_1543fb IMG_1544fb IMG_1546fb IMG_1552fb IMG_1553fb

IMG_1561fb IMG_1563fb IMG_1589fb

Sass. Crazy girl.


At this point she was keeping her design a secret from us. Here she’s telling Mak not to peek while she runs inside for a second…



And here is Mak after I fussed at him for trying to peek even though she asked him not to.

IMG_1608fb IMG_1611fb IMG_1618fb

His pumpkin truck.

IMG_1636fb IMG_1640fb IMG_1644fb IMG_1646fb IMG_1652fb

Guessing what CB’s design was…we kept getting it wrong…



But then we got it right. She wasn’t pleased. Ha!

IMG_1676fb IMG_1678fb IMG_1683fb IMG_1697fb

And just like that it was over. One kid made a poor decision and needed some *ahem* redirection, and it was also time to scoot off to tennis. But it was a fun afternoon! I’ll be back with the rest of Halloween soon!

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