Personal Post: Our trip to Grayton Beach, Seaside, and Rosemary Part 2

For REAL, I loved this beach. The second day we learned how to avoid the angry biting flies and spent the entire day watching these little people do this. Which is what I was hoping this trip would be about. Momma wanted to sit and stare at pretty water and pretty babies as they played peacefully together by the shore. Yes, I wanted my little cherubs to enjoy this trip, but I also wanted it to be all about relaxing for their parents. Selfish? Maybe. But that’s why God created cousins. Built in entertainment so mommas and daddies can enjoy beach time. It was just bonus material when the people who parked their stuff beside us had a friendly boy just a year and a half younger than Mak. Hours upon hours of blissful beach playtime. And don’t worry. We’re not complete bum parents. Sandcastles were made, holes were dug, and paddle ball was played with our little loves.

One of our very favorite things about Seaside was this strip of Airstream cafes. Seriously, the cutest thing! I want this in Florence. There was a juice bar, hot dog, grilled cheese, BBQ…I think that was all. We sampled from a few different cafes for supper that evening.

I had the completely wrong lens for this place. Wish I could better convey the cuteness of this strip to you.

The grilled cheese cafe was called The Melt Down. And the baby appropriately had one so that we could set up the perfect photo op. We love you, Lilah Drew!

After supper we headed back down to the beach to watch the sunset. That never got old. Sunsets were amazing!

This sweet child was a complete MESS that night. That sand was everywhere on her. And she did NOT like the process of having it removed. But at least she had fun while she was getting dirty.

We attempted a pic of all four. This was as good as it got. I love Lilah Drew’s face.

Big goofy boy. I love him so much.

CC got her groove on while we watched the people down the beach from us do some pretty impressive yoga moves.

See what I mean about sand everywhere?!?

One interesting thing was that there were practically no shells on the beach. Here CB found a little one and is showing me.

A little bit of baby crack. Because it’s the CUTEST.

One more post will be coming…hopefully soon! I’m determined to actually get these memories recorded. Unlike so many that I missed out on this summer. Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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