Personal Post: Our Trip to Grayton Beach, Seaside, and Rosemary Part 1

We’re heading into our crazy time of the year here at the studio. I love it and I hate it. I love it because if I’m being honest, I enjoy the hustle and bustle. I LOVE the people. I love the kids. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times…Jesus has blessed us SO much by introducing us to so many amazing people through this little photography business that He created. But this time of the year that’s creeping up on us is so busy that sometimes we can’t catch our breath. Pretty much the way lots of people feel this time of year, right? We decided a few years ago that we would try to do something fun with Mak and Clara Beth each year just before the busy season hit. Because, yes, we are photographers, and for right now we have been blessed with a very busy season in life…but we are Momma and Daddy first. And this time of year, every year, I feel inadequate in that role. Of course, I am inadequate EVERY day. Only by the grace of Jesus does anything ever get done around here. =) It’s nice to know that we have a few days devoted to them before time seems to be stretched too thin.

This year we planned a trip to Grayton Beach, Florida. I have been drooling over photos of the Beaches of South Walton for years now. Then after we started camping I found this little state park, perfectly tucked right beside all of the multi-thousand dollar a week vacation rentals. And that state park had a campground. And we could do the entire stay for $101.70. YES YES YES!!! REALLY big perk of camping? Campsites are cheap. We got my brother Andrew and his family to join us and we made the veeerrrry long trek down to the Florida panhandle for a few days on the gulf coast. Seriously, it felt like the longest drive ever, but once we were there it was worth it. Seaside, Florida is the cutest little town I’ve ever seen. And the beaches were Gorgeous! Clear water and bright white sand. I’m getting ready to load this post with way too many pictures, so get ready.

One thing that we hated about the beach was the dog flies?! They were these awful biting flies that were out every morning. They ran us off the beach that first day, but then we learned that as long as we waited until after lunch to go to the beach they weren’t a problem. And that was perfectly fine with this momma because it meant more time for coffee at the campground while the kids rode bikes. And there is nothing in this world that tastes better than coffee while camping.

These were all taken the morning we discovered the flies. They were after poor Caroline BIG TIME. Sweet Sister spent most of the short time we were out there wrapped from head to toe in towels. We quickly decided to flee the beach and head to Rosemary for some exploring. And shopping. Oh My Gracious, I found the SWEETEST little newborn baby girl prop at a shop there!

But first, a little Airstream time with my best girl. Our boys love camping because they love being outside. But Sweet CB and I also enjoy being inside the camper. Mine and Collin’s bed is the best reading spot on the planet {in the Smith girls’ opinion}. Em-Dog likes it inside too. She’s such a priss.

He cracks me up.


She said “I walk like dis.” And she would have down the entire sidewalk if we had let her. Girlfriend is developing a seriously cute and funny sense of humor.

He doesn’t read in the camper for fun. But he will grab a phone and play a game or a song any chance he gets.

This was the night that we did the beach sessions {more on those soon}. As we all know, rewards for smiles during sessions come in the form of ice cream. Do you see why Seaside is my favorite little town EVER?? So cute, right??

Mak learned to make pancakes on this trip. This is a very good thing. =)

And this post is getting entirely too long so I will break now and come back to it this weekend. Happy Friday, Y’all!


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