Personal Post: Miss CB, The Cat

Maybe I’ve mentioned here once or twice that our Clara Beth is the shyest child on the planet? It’s gotten so much better over the last two years, but I’d still describe my girl as very timid. She rarely speaks when spoken to in public. She’s exactly the way her momma was as a kid. I grew out of it and I think that, with time, she will as well. Anyway, I was shocked when our shy girl asked if she could participate in Impact Christian Children’s Theatre’s Spring Production of “Hooray for the Little Red Hen”. Even more shocked when they gave her a role with more than one line. Don’t get me wrong, I knew she could do it. Girlfriend can memorize like Nobody’s business…it was just the part about the audience needing to hear her that had me a little nervous. She practiced and practiced and I think we listened to the play’s cd no less that 5872 times in the car. I have since promised Makgill that as of this afternoon at 3:30 he never has to listen to that cd again. At home she was LOUD when she said her lines. In practice she was hit or miss, but generally pretty soft-spoken. I honestly had no idea how she would do today, really I was just proud of her for wanting to try. My girl DID IT. She said her lines, smiled, and had a GREAT time up on that stage tonight. When she hugged her Daddy at bedtime tonight she was talking about “The next time I do that…” It was so much fun watching her up there. I know she was nervous and I know it was hard for her and I am SO stinkin’ proud of that child. I can’t wait to do it again, either. =)

Excited doesn’t even come close to describing how she was feeling on our way to the play this afternoon.

Look. See? That’s my baby’s name. =)

Make-up. The child got to wear make-up and lots of it. Heaven.

These kids in the play were absolutely adorable! I had so much fun getting to know them all.

The directors of the play, Catherine and Kristin…they are both so talented!!!

Before long it was time to start. I loved how relaxed everything was about this play. The kids had a great time and they were so cute up on that stage.

See what I mean?! Weren’t they adorable??

Clara Beth was SO Happy after it was all over. Gracious, I love that face!

Ms. Marti came!! And brought GORGEOUS flowers that saved Momma and Daddy’s behinds because we completely forgot flowers until about 10 minutes before the play began. Oops. Thanks, Marti!

And, look! A family picture (Thanks, Erin!). I’m doing a decent job with my New Year’s resolution (more pics of the four of us together). Great Day, I love these three people like CRAZY!

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  • sally smithJune 17, 2012 - 7:04 pm

    She’s the CUTEST little kittycat I’ve ever seen!! GREAT job, CB!ReplyCancel

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