Personal Post: Mak and Tal at Williams Brice

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WOW WOW WOW!! Thanksgiving has come and gone. That was FAST. I hope you all had a really wonderful day with family and friends focusing on the MANY blessings in our lives. Ours was great. Pictures? Ummm…not too many. We did take a few, but for the most part we put the camera down and just enjoyed being together. Here’s one from Instagram. Good Gracious I am thankful that I get to do life with these three people. I absolutely LOVE these years of my life right now. Seriously blessed and seriously thankful for every single day.

So, Anyway. Back to the purpose of this post. Two cute cousins running around on the football field that THE GAMECOCKS PLAY ON. For real, people. If you know these boys, especially the red-headed one, then you know what a BIG deal this was for them. A few weeks ago Collin photographed an Engagement session at Williams Brice. I knew Mak would love tagging along and running around on the football field, but I also knew that the kid who would REALLY love it was Tallon. My nephew. Have you met him? If you have, chances are you have also heard him talk about how the Gamecocks are the BEST. EVER. NO question, and don’t you dare try to dispute him on this fact. He has been completely brainwashed by my brother. This child has been known to cry real tears for his beloved Gamecocks. I LOVE his passion! Clara Beth? I was pretty sure that she had no interest in running around on the football field. And I knew that without a doubt, Mak would have more fun with Tallon than he would with his sister. So we switched kids. Tal came with us and Miss CB stayed behind to play baby dolls and school with Tess. Everybody was happier.

The boys carefully chose their Gamecock jerseys (From Tomlinsons. BEST prices around. They also have Clemson. And they have cheerleading outfits for little ladies. And they’re open until 6:00 today and until 1:00 tomorrow. You’re welcome). We switched kids in the Apple Annie’s parking lot and we were off. With two REALLY excited boys. (Another instagram pic)

We arrived a little early and hung around on the Cockabooses for awhile. According to T, this is where people hang out and watch the game on really big tvs and drink stuff. Made me laugh.

FINALLY we had arrived. The Williams Brice field. All to ourselves for about two hours. The possibilities were endless.

If you know Tallon, you can hear him shouting “SUCKAaaaa….!!!!” in this next photo!

I LOVE them and their relationship! Cousins. Best buds. I am SO thankful that they have one another!!

They kicked field goals, tackled, ran touchdowns, and did victory dances. Right there where the REAL GAMECOCKS PLAY. Good stuff.

Look, Mom! That’s Gamecock dirt!

It was so much fun. Mak is still sporting bright green grass stains on the knees of those jeans, and he has begged me not to wash them out. You’ve just gotta love little boys. There’s nothing like them.

Just before we left, after the session, Collin photographed the boys on the field. These crack me up!

Here’s to a GREAT game on Saturday!!

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