Personal Post: Family Friday!! First camping trip of 2013

I think I’m going to try something new on the blog this year. I hate to call it a New Year’s resolution because I’m pretty positive that I won’t do this every week, but it’s definitely a 2013 goal. A personal, family post every Friday. I’m calling it Family Friday because I’m SO creative like that. 😉 This blog used to be FILLED with nothing but family posts. Go back to when Mak and CB were 2 and 4 and you will be able to learn lots about our family from this blog. I miss that. Have y’all seen those blasted Disney commercials lately? The ones that are all like “You only have 18 summers with them, make this one count”. UGH! For real, it gets me every time. Good job on that one, Disney marketers. Mak turns nine this month. NINE. And I know people say this all the time, but I seriously don’t know how that happened. He has nine more years in my home. HALF of his life in my home is GONE. Collin and I have to do a better job of making sure these years count and are molding him into a man who is able to be a leader in his own home one day. That’s a GIANT task when you stop to think about it. But that’s not really the direction I was heading with this post. I’m good about going off on a tangent like that. My point is, I want something to look back on. A clear vision of what my kids were like at ages six and a half and almost nine. So, each Friday this year I will try to do a personal post. Sometimes it will be about all four of us, sometimes just one of us. So if you come here looking for sleepy newborns or gummy smile babies, you might want to skip over us on Friday. Although Miss CB’s sporting a gummy smile these days so that might work for ya. =)

We camped last weekend. On Wednesday night at 10:00 I looked at Collin and said “I REALLY want to go camping this weekend.” I just couldn’t stand it anymore, I needed to be outside. And for some reason, being outside at a campground is way different than being outside at home. At least it is for me. We hadn’t camped since October and I was missing it big time. That last sentence in itself makes me laugh because up until two years ago you wouldn’t have ever caught me anywhere near a campground. Now I start getting a nervous twitch if I go too long without camping. We booked a site right on the water at Dreher Island State Park and headed out on Friday evening after our last session. It was FREEZING COLD but so much fun. We sat around a campfire all day long and watched Mak and CB fish and skip rocks. We brainstormed on new ideas for the studio…our best ideas come from sitting around the campfire. We roasted marshmallows and learned how to play Chinese checkers. We read. We talked. It was exactly what I was craving. Ten degrees warmer would have been even better. =)

Grossness. I may have transformed into a camper, but I am not a fisher. Both kids love it, though.

Every. Single. Time. he will do this. Ha. Funny guy. You’ll see where he gets it from later in the post. 😉

Poor guy tried and tried all day long. Nothing. To his credit, though, there were some people camping beside us who were experienced fisher-people and they didn’t catch anything either.

Pretty much, this is where I stayed.

See? Big funny guy. Ha!

Fishing and skipping rocks at the same time. I think I might know why the fish stayed away.

She is SO stinkin’ SILLY these days. It’s hilarious and I love just watching her.

Oh, yes. That’s my man, Folks. I’m pretty sure I know where her silliness is coming from. =)

No way was I going to get a serious picture of the three of them.

After the sun went down the four of us sat by the fire for a few hours. Mak took awhile to explain to us why he believes that he and his friends are old enough for us to drop them off in the woods and let them build their own shelter and kill their own food. He wants to do this in March and he’s got it all planned out. Oh, and then a hot ash flew out from the campfire and burned him on the side of his nose and he cried for me. I refrained from telling him at that point that maybe he’s not quite yet ready to be out on his own. 😉 Kids eventually went to bed and Collin and I continued to talk by the fire for awhile. For Real, the BEST date nights are spent by a campfire.

It was definitely a great way to start camping for our family this year. Hoping for many more trips like this one. =)

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