Personal Post: Dyeing Easter Eggs 2013

Okay, so I get that I haven’t really kept up with the whole Family Friday idea. At all. I’m sad about that but you want to know what I’m sadder about?? I haven’t even picked up my camera for a non work related thing since EARLY FEBRUARY. I just came to this realization last week and it totally threw me for a loop! I’m used to the camera being just a short distance away from me and I pick it up throughout the day to document the randomness of our lives. Except for lately I’ve been grabbing my phone instead thanks to INSTAGRAM. UGH. Do you ever hate that you love something so much? Yep, that’s how I feel about Instagram. I love it because it’s so easy and it has become a photographic journal of our life. I enjoy looking back on the things I’ve documented through Instagram and reliving those memories. But I hate that it’s made me put down my big camera for the everyday run of the mill moments. I’m determined to be better about this.

Starting with egg dyeing this past Wednesday afternoon. Fun times. =)

Sweet Miss C was there to join in the egg dyeing fun. So thankful for this sweet girl and her friendship with our CB!

Please excuse the hair. It’s OUT. OF. CONTROL.

Li-Li stopped by!

He was obsessed with making his eggs green. And he was intentionally being a dork for this photo. This kid is SO FUN!

So for the first time ever I sat back and just documented the whole process. They handled the dye. They transferred the eggs from the cup to the plate. Nothing spilled. Not even one item of clothing was ruined. They’re growing up. I love it and hate it. But I have to admit, they’re more fun now than ever. SO unbelievably blessed that I’m their momma. =)

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