Personal Post: Cousins Do Disney 2014, Final Installment

Hallelujah, right? The FINAL post from this trip that occurred more than three months ago. Way to drag a trip out, huh? It’s just my little way of holding on to the memories a little bit longer. 😉

The end of the week was a little bit rainier and I got tired of lugging the big camera through the parks, so this post will actually cover the last three days of the trip. If you’ll remember, we left off with princesses headed home to rest and a very excited little thrill seeker headed to the Disney Speedway to go 130 miles per hour around a racetrack. Speed and endangering my son are so not my thing, so I sent him off with his father. LiLi and Boom Boom came along, and my Mom is even more neurotic than I am about the safety of my children, so I knew he would be safe. If anyone was putting her favorite ten year old in harm’s way she would have no problem jumping the racetrack sidewall and heading out to the middle of the road to stop them. Love her for it.

They put him in the real race car driver suit. He felt official. He loved that. He was safe. I loved that.

IMG_1596fb IMG_1603fb

That’s a serious helmet.


And the neck brace thing. YES.


Doesn’t he remind you of Chubby Bunny when he smiles in that helmet?

IMG_1616fb IMG_1624fb IMG_1626fb

And this is what Collin wanted to drive. I have a feeling that the Exotic Car Experience is something that will be checked off of his bucket list in the near future.

IMG_1627fb IMG_1630fb


IMG_1647fb IMG_1650fb

He had so much fun! I love this face!!

IMG_1652fb IMG_1656fb IMG_1663fb IMG_1664fb

Really, it was a super Awesome experience for our little thrill seeker. A perfect way for him to spend his Boom Boom and Lili birthday money. Thank you, Mom and Dad!

This chick. I love her.


Magic Kingdom at night! My favorite!!


Finally this sweet child had his coveted epileptic seizure inducing light up toy. He wore the batteries out in the first day. I do not tell a lie.

IMG_1680fb IMG_1685fb IMG_1694fb

Winnie the Pooh ride! They had more fun in the line than on the actual ride.

IMG_1699fb IMG_1702fb IMG_1704fb IMG_1708fb IMG_1711fb IMG_1716fb IMG_1718fb IMG_1725fb

He wore a glow stick hat. Oh yes, he did.


And please pause for a moment to notice the fashion statement that Tal is making on this evening. The layered pants look is where it’s at, y’all. I tell you, between the boy with the head that glowed and the boy who decided that his legs needed double the protection on this evening, we were unstoppable.

IMG_1731fb IMG_1743fb IMG_1747fb IMG_1751fb

He was mocking me. He knew how I loved the hat.

IMG_1752fb IMG_1753fb

I love that my parents love this place so much!

IMG_1754fb IMG_1759fb IMG_1763fb

Awww…look at that momma-son lovin’ while waiting to ride Peter Pan. Not to sound overly sappy, but these are my favorite moments in Disney.

IMG_1772fb IMG_1779fb IMG_1784fb IMG_1789fb IMG_1800fb IMG_1801fb IMG_1807fb

It was just fun! I can’t figure out why we didn’t do this every night. Nap in the middle of the day and staying in the parks late at night is the way to do it, People. We knew this, yet we didn’t do it much at all.

The next day was chilly. Like jeans and a lightweight jacket chilly. Not awful by any means, but not water ride weather, either. But see, my smart brother told CB that if she would ride Expedition Everest with him, he would ride Kali River Rapids with her. She did. So he did. She stayed dry. He was soaked. And FREEZING. And I laughed.

IMG_1815fb IMG_1817fb IMG_1819fb IMG_1820fb IMG_1821fb IMG_1822fb IMG_1824fb

We hauled it back to MK to meet up with everyone else, did the grandparents/grandchildren photo (that I am so thankful for and can’t believe they all cooperated for), and headed home. It was cold.

IMG_1828fb IMG_1840fb IMG_1844fb

This boy and his balloon. So stinkin’ sweet. I love him at three! I’m so sad that he’s leaving age three behind soon!

IMG_1845fb IMG_1848fb

That was the last time that I took the camera to the parks. But we did do a few photos from the house, and I know a lot of y’all have been curious about what it was like to stay off property. For a large group, it was great. There was plenty of space for kids to play, we could easily prepare food, grown ups had their own bedrooms…we loved it. I do think, though, that I wouldn’t like it so much if it was just the four of us. You definitely lose a little bit of the Disney Magic. It’s still fun, though. Really fun. Just a different kind of fun. Here are some photos from the house to give you an idea.

This game room was great!

IMG_1854fb IMG_1857fb IMG_1860fb IMG_1863fb IMG_1867fb IMG_1874fb IMG_1875fb

This is the neighborhood…every house looked like one of these two. Hot Air balloons included in the price.


Lilah Drew love tackles are the BEST.


And the balloon! The balloon that we heard about EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It was so very loved.

IMG_1888fb IMG_1891fb

And that’s it! It was the most wonderful trip. I loved seeing all of the cousins there and I can’t wait to do it again. Mom and Dad, thank you for the house! It was perfect!

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