Personal Post: Clara Beth’s 6th Birthday Stone Mountain Camping/American Girl Trip

We’re in our last week of having a five year old living in this house. Crazy stuff. It’s fun because they’re growing up and as a family we can do some pretty cool stuff, it’s sad because, well, they’re growing up. And it’s happening so much faster than I ever dreamed it would. Not dwelling on that in this blog post, though. Nope, this post is about that almost six year old girl’s birthday trip. For her birthday, Clara Beth decided that she wanted to go camping and to The American Girl Store. How’s that for well-rounded? I love my girl. We decided on a camping trip to Stone Mountain, Georgia with a day trip over to Atlanta on Monday to visit the AG store. We planned on the laser show Saturday night and doing all of the fun Stone Mountain things on Sunday, Mother’s Day. What we did not plan on was the constant rain that started late Saturday night and didn’t stop until Monday morning. Seriously, it DID NOT STOP. I honestly don’t mind it raining at night while we camp. I actually kind of like it. There’s no better sleeping sound than the sound of rain drops falling on the roof of the good ol’ pop-up. But this is our first camping trip where the rain completely ruined all of our plans. We spent Sunday shopping in Atlanta at Lenox and Phipps (nothing wrong with that) and in the camper playing board games and trying not to lose our minds. It wasn’t a bad day, but we never did get to do the ropes course or zip line. Oh well, I guess we’ll just need to plan another trip. =)

We didn’t even pull the camera out until Monday morning when we hit up the American Girl store. There was NO containing Miss CB’s excitement. And I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited too.

I have to stop for a minute and brag on my sister-in-law, Rebecca. See those dresses? She MADE them. I can’t sew a button on a shirt, so talent like this amazes me. We had this one woman following us all over the store staring CB down trying to get a better look at the dresses. Finally she stopped me and asked where the dresses were from and said she’d never seen anything like them. She’s right. CB and I love them SO much. Thank you, Rebecca!

Finally the doors opened and we were invited in. We were the only ones in the store for about twenty minutes and even by the time we left there were only about four other groups there. I definitely recommend going on a weekday while school is still in session!

It was a little creepy, the amount of dolls in such a small space.

How was Mak during all of this, you ask? Um, pretty much hating life. 😉

He spent his time dodging the camera…

lounging on the bench…

Asking how much longer…

Climbing the bench…

And then he found something that looked kinda promising. One of those dolls had her own campfire!

He really was a good sport, though. He loves his sister. =) Before long it was time for our Bistro reservation, but we had to make a stop at the ladies’ room. Oh my Stars, y’all they have a place for the dolls in the bathroom. Craziness.

We did the whole Birthday Celebration thing and it was a lot of fun. You never know how these things are going to turn out, but the food was great and Clara Beth had a lot of fun!

Birthday cake time!! Everything was so girly and cute!

I love that face!!!

This was the part of the day that he got into. 😉

She received a goody bag filled with things for her doll and she was SO HAPPY.

We left the store and saw something we hadn’t seen in days…SUNSHINE!! I was going to go ahead and blog the rest of the trip but this post is already obnoxiously long so I’ll save that for another day. I will say, though, that this was fun. Definitely the highlight of the trip for our Birthday Girl! If you’re considering a trip, do it! You’ll be your little girl’s hero. =)

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  • Brenda TillerMay 17, 2012 - 6:48 pm

    I can tell from the photos that you both love being parents and making great memories for your children!ReplyCancel

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