Personal Post: Clara Beth’s 6th Birthday Stone Mountain Camping trip, part 2

At least twice a week I get a Facebook message from someone asking about how we like camping. I had never camped before last year. My parents are not campers. In fact, I’m pretty sure that my dad thinks we are completely nuts for camping.Collin didn’t grow up camping either. Our kids never asked us to go camping. So one day when I was reading this blog about a family who was camping and I threw out to Collin “Hey, let’s go on a camping trip” he had every reason to look at me like I grew three heads before his eyes. It literally came from nowhere. Camping had never even entered my mind as something that could be fun. It just wasn’t on the radar. About a month later we were the happy new owners of a used pop-up camper. And we haven’t looked back since. I can honestly say that camping is my favorite thing that we do together as a family. It’s everybody’s favorite. So it was no surprise when Clara Beth requested a camping trip for her birthday.

Despite the rain, we had a great time at Stone Mountain. After leaving the American Girl Store we headed back to the campground to change and ride that cable car thing up the mountain. That thing’s kinda scary. But we made it and had fun on the giant rock. =)

Miss CB, high on American Girl, brought the doll with her up the mountain and kept wanting to pose with her. Cutie.

Mak did his best to avoid the camera and had fun giving me minor heart attacks by getting too close to the edge. Stinker. =)

And he took this photo of his Momma and Daddy. I think he did a great job!

My new year’s resolution this year was more photos of all four of us together. Not portraits necessarily, just photos of the four of us. We did a pretty good job of that this trip!

We wandered down the mountain a little while longer and someone decided that she might not make it back to the top.

Her brother laughed at her. =)

Collin had fun with the camera…I LOVE this first one especially!

And, finally, after some encouragement from Daddy {and the promise of a Sprite at the end} Miss CB made it back up the hill.

Stone Mountain was fun and I definitely want to head back and do some of the activities that we missed due to rain. From here we headed back to the campground for our last night.

When it was raining on Sunday we fled the campground to Walmart in search of a new game to help us keep our sanity. We came home with Hedbanz and the kids loved it so much that they still wanted to play, even after the rain stopped. It is pretty funny.

He kept telling me “I won’t fall in, I won’t fall in!” He totally fell in (just one leg). =)

More family pics!

We had a perfect campfire that night, slept well, and were lazy about packing up on Tuesday morning.

Gracious, I love those two. So there you have it. Clara Beth’s soggy sixth birthday trip. We had a great time and, most importantly, the Birthday Girl got the trip she requested. =)

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