Personal Post: Clara Beth had a Party!

Ah, my girl. Goodness Gracious, I love her so much. We had the best time at her eighth birthday party last month. Birthdays are huge to kids, right? Kid birthdays are so much more special than grown up birthdays. And they’re way more fun. On my birthday this year my nieces came by to see me and give birthday love. When they arrived I was having my dream day. I was sitting outside on my patio in my brand new birthday present adirondack chair, going back and forth between reading a chapter in my book and having a conversation with my favorite guy on the planet who was sitting one chair over. Mak and CB were running around the yard with the neighborhood kids. It was my perfect dream day. My then two year old niece walked in the gate and gave me kisses and we sat there for a bit, and then when she couldn’t handle it anymore she said “Hm. Ehwo Ehwin {What she calls me. I know. ADORABLE.}, some people have cake for their birthday. Hm.” Basically she was all “What the heck kind of crack job birthday is this?!? No cake?? A book? Grown ups are stupid.” It made me laugh. She’s right, though. My dream birthday would be the most boring day ever for a kid.

Last year as we were taking down our Girly Girls set, Clara Beth looked at me and asked “Hey, why don’t we use these for my birthday?’ Well, duh. We have a girl birthday party Pinterest dream sitting in cardboard boxes in our studio. It would probably be smart to pull it out of those boxes for our little chicken’s party. So this year, we did. We threw in some teacups to paint from Wink Pottery, a PINK {her only request} cake from Sweetleighs, some cousins and a few co op friends, and we were set. It was a fun, easy day and we loved celebrating our Sweet CB. And, most importantly, she had fun. In fact, she said it was her favorite party yet. She says that every year. =)

Mark Palmer outdid himself with this cake! So delicious and so pretty! Cookies and cream.

IMG_8161fb IMG_8163fb

Clara Beth picked the color scheme this year. We stood in the party aisle at Target for no less than an hour contemplating the perfect set up.


Pre-made ice cream topping cups. It made the ice cream sundae part of the party way easier and way less messy.


A little bit of CB through the years. We don’t usually have a shrine to Clara Beth in the breakfast room, by the way.

IMG_8175fb IMG_8204fb

She was acting all giggly and crazy and then she noticed that a spider had made himself comfortable beside her.

And I couldn’t help but laugh. And then she got mad.


And quickly got over it after I helped her kill the spider.

IMG_8207fb IMG_8209fb IMG_8214fb IMG_8222fb IMG_8226fb IMG_8229fb

Love that smile. =)

IMG_8231fb IMG_8233fb IMG_8234fb IMG_8236fb

That’s a sweet baby!!

IMG_8238fb IMG_8242fb IMG_8244fb

The only boy in attendance {Mak and two buddies were upstairs playing with legos}. He’s really cute so CB invited him.

IMG_8249fb IMG_8256fb IMG_8264fb IMG_8268fb IMG_8280fb IMG_8282fb IMG_8284fb


IMG_8286fb IMG_8296fb IMG_8302fb IMG_8303fb IMG_8304fb IMG_8307fb IMG_8309fb

The teacups from Wink were so much fun! I highly recommend Talitha from Wink to get you set up with the perfect party activity!

IMG_8315fb IMG_8316fb IMG_8323fb IMG_8324fb IMG_8327fb IMG_8328fb IMG_8334fb IMG_8336fb IMG_8337fb IMG_8339fb IMG_8343fb IMG_8353fb IMG_8354fb IMG_8359fb IMG_8362fb IMG_8366fb IMG_8370fb IMG_8372fb IMG_8376fb IMG_8377fb IMG_8383fb IMG_8386fb IMG_8389fb IMG_8392fb IMG_8393fb IMG_8399fb IMG_8402fb IMG_8404fb IMG_8408fb IMG_8411fb IMG_8418fb IMG_8423fb IMG_8427fb IMG_8430fb IMG_8432fb IMG_8434fb IMG_8443fb IMG_8447fb IMG_8457fb IMG_8465fb IMG_8468fb IMG_8470fb IMG_8478fb IMG_8482fb IMG_8484fbIt was a fun way to celebrate our girl!

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