Personal Post: Beach Week 2012

I know I say this every time we come to the beach for the week, but I really didn’t mean to let the blog slide for the entire time we were gone. I did it again, though. I rely on our phones for internet here and that doesn’t really work very well. Also, it just gets busy. On the Saturday that starts Beach Week you think you have these seven glorious days stretching out ahead of you…and you do…but those days go SO fast. I can’t believe that tomorrow will be our last full day. We’ve had so much fun. We are so thankful that my parents rent this house for all of us every year. Yes, it’s crowded. Yes, it’s crazy loud at times. But, Oh my Goodness, it’s so much fun. Lots and lots of cousin lovin’ went on this week. Not to sound all sappy, but memories were made. =)

Look at those sweet baby hands! They’re one year old hands now.

And he is every bit of an almost two year old. His favorite word is “NO” and he says it a lot. Loudly. He’s SO cute doing it, though.

I could EAT. HER. UP. Seriously, that’s some sweet sugar on that baby girl.

There was a ton of sand castle building and running back and forth from the ocean with a watering can by the three big girls.

The boys spent their time surfing, racing up and down the beach, and playing baseball. I could watch them all out there for hours. And I did this week. =)

I also met this precious boy this week! Anderson, my cousin’s ADORABLE baby boy. Really, isn’t he the cutest?!?

After a crazy long car ride from Tennessee, Anderson wasn’t so sure about the whole ocean thing.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my California cousins!!! Mak and Tallon think these boys hung the moon. They are non-stop entertainment for our kids.

Lilah Drew, like any good South Carolina baby, ate her weight in sand this week.

Awww…nothing sweeter than a sandy almost two year old baby boy hand wrapping around his momma’s fingers.

Miss Hollywood. Sadly, a wave ate those fabulous sunglasses she is sporting. I loved those glasses.

Are you the kind of person who must have coffee in the morning? I SO am. Look closely at the sign I made for CB to color on Lilah Drew’s birthday. I made it before my first morning cup. I spelled BIRTHDAY wrong and my daughter is the one who pointed it out to me. Have I mentioned that I homeschool these children? That I am responsible for teaching them important things like, Oh, I don’t know…SPELLING?? For shame, Aron, For shame.

We did a birthday party at the beach this year! That was a first for the beach and it was so much fun. Happy First Birthday, sweet Lilah Drew!

No, we obviously did not let the one year old eat a gummy worm. Funny pic, though, right? Gracious, she’s CUTE!

Girlfriend was SERIOUS about some cake eating.

And very sad when the cake was taken away.

She even went begging for more bites a little later in the evening.

More cousin playing at Lilah Drew’s party…

And we’ll end this post with a whole slew of photos of our favorite thing about the beach…playing on the beach. All day long, this is what we do. With the occasional boat trip thrown in there. Collin got a fun new underwater housing for his camera, and I love these pictures of the kids out in the water!

Goofy, insanely stubborn boy. I love him with all my heart.

My Baby. So not a baby anymore. But so much Fun!

There you have it. Those were a sampling of photos from the first half of the week. I’ll have more next week! Oh, and check back here tomorrow for a SUPER Cute and very special blog post! Can’t wait to share!

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