Our Family: St. Louis 2016, Part 2

After visiting for awhile at the restaurant we headed over to The Arch. Do you know that Collin Smith lived in St. Louis practically his entire life, but never visited it until we were dating and I made him go? The kids were excited to see it in person and hoped to go up to the top, but it was undergoing renovations so we couldn’t go inside. It was still incredible, though!

It’s just so incredibly tall. You really can’t comprehend it until you see it!

Great Day, I love those babies. Pretty sure this is my favorite picture of them from the trip.

We wandered around downtown for awhile, but then our southern blood was starting to freeze so we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel.

The next day we did the St. Louis Science Center. Checking off school days while on Christmas break? That’s my favorite.

There was so much to do here! This giant room was full of different brain games.

This one was by far the favorite of everyone. You used concentration skills to move a ball across a table.

Then they moved on to a crime scene lab where they used clues and tools to solve criminal cases.

Right outside of the crime lab was a real mummy! This fascinated me!

The walking bridge over the interstate was a big hit for the boys!

I can’t believe how big they all are!

Clara Beth learned about the space missions in science this year, so this portion of the museum was incredible. It was amazing to see the small spaces that the astronauts were in.

That’s where the St. Louis portion of the trip concluded and we sadly said goodbye to the girls. Theres so much that we didn’t have time for, and I can’t wait to visit again! From St. Louis we headed on to Collin’s parents’ home, and had an amazing few days of just sitting around being lazy. It was great. =)

There was sewing…

And driving…

And shooting…

But most of all, we spent time with these people! It was a great week!


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