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Lately we have been getting a lot of itty-bitty, teeny-tiny, brand new babes in the studio. We LOVE them. I love it when moms are on top of things. You know, they think ahead and have that newborn portrait session scheduled when they are still six months pregnant. Seriously. And they are usually first time moms. Why? Because they are not distracted by the bazillion other things that their other child is requiring of them. 🙂 They have hours upon hours to sit around and think about this tiny one that is being knitted together in their womb. And to dream of the beautiful portraits of that baby that will one day hang on their walls. I was one of these women five years ago.

And then there are what I like to call The Frantic Mommas. The ones who call us in a panicked state because they had every intention of having the baby in the studio the week after he was born, but for one reason or another didn’t, and just this second realized that they no longer have a newborn, but rather a seven month old on their hands and don’t have a single portrait of that baby. GASP! You can hear the tension and fear that they won’t remember the beginning of this baby’s life in their voice. This describes me two and a half years ago. Of course we have many portraits of Clara Beth as a newborn, but even Collin and I didn’t document her early months as much as we would have liked to. And it makes me sad.

Are you a Frantic Momma? If so, I have one thing to say to you…RELAX!!! Your baby is your baby, no matter how old! And the best time to start having their life documented through portraiture is NOW. You can’t get that one week old back, so don’t stress about it. Do something about what you are able to do something about!

Or are you a pregnant Momma, dreaming of the future baby portraits on your wall? The portraits that you receive that first year are irreplaceable. You will not ever be able to get them again. But, they require pre-planning. If portraits of your baby are something that is important to you, give us a call. Whether your baby is not even here yet or already 9 months old, this time is worth documenting. And our Baby Plan is the perfect way to do that. And besides, I really enjoy loving on the sweet little ones that you bring to us. 🙂

Check out the Baby Plan page at the top of the blog for more info.

Three different babies at three different stages.

brand new..

five months…

eight months…

See? All beautiful stages that are worth documenting. So let us document your baby through beautiful artwork…no matter what stage she is in!

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  • RebeccaJanuary 8, 2009 - 8:48 pm

    Seeing that picture of Tess just made me realize how MUCH she has changed in the last 3 weeks!!! Thank you soo much for documenting my children for me- You are truly gifted Collin!!!ReplyCancel

  • Natalie Callahan-BabbJanuary 9, 2009 - 8:08 pm

    Aron….you so made me laugh here. That was me….the frantic mom! Kendall’s first pictures came at 5.5 months-for shame! I still kick myself for not getting her picture taken earlier. But….that was before I had you and Collin in my life! I am going to document baby Caroline much better now!ReplyCancel

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