I love, love, LOVE this little boy! Nicholas has been coming to see Collin for his portraits since before he was born. He and Clara Beth are just about a month apart in age, and I remember immediately bonding with his mom, Michelle, during that maternity session. Fast forward two years to Nicholas’s TWO YEAR session! I can’t believe that these two little babies we talked about in the dressing room that day are now TWO! Nicholas is an absolutely adorable little boy. Those eyes get me every time! There’s been talk of an arranged marriage between he and Clara Beth. I’m definitely all for it!


This next image is just one in a series of four that I just LOVE! I wasn’t there with them while the session was being done, so I don’t know what he thought was so funny, but I just love the emotion that Nicholas shows in those four images!


This kid is without a doubt, totally and completely, 100% BOY! You should have seen the collection of trucks and cars, or the dealership as Collin called it, that Michelle carries around for him in a ziplock bag. That’s why I love that he’s clutching a fire truck in this one. It’s so him!


See what I mean? ADORABLE!



Thanks for making Collin’s job so fun, Nicholas! We can’t wait to play soon!

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  • Natalie Callahan-BabbJune 26, 2008 - 1:39 pm

    Awwwww sweet Nicholas!
    There might have to be “friendly competition” for who gets to go to prom with him -Kendall or Clara Beth?

    Beautiful portraits as usual Collin-the updated website looks great!


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