My Sweet Babes

Here are a few funny things that Makgill has said this week, and some stuff that Clara Beth has been up to. I’ve just gotta say that there is nothing funnier than living with a three year old! The things he comes up with are priceless! There have been so many things he has said that I have forgotten to blog, and now I have forgotten them completely, so I am going to start sharing these random statements with you. I don’t want to forget anymore! And Clara Beth is just getting to that really fun stage where she is starting to figure things out. You can almost see the wheels turning in her head. I LOVE these precious children of mine so much!

I had to take Makgill back to the doctor’s office today to have his cut looked at to make sure everything was healing okay. You see, I was upstairs this morning putting clothes away when I heard Makgill downstairs yelling “AHHHHHHH….BLOOD, BLOOD”!!!!! I went running, and sure enough, his cut was bleeding and he had some on his hands. I threw the kids in the car and we went to the doctor to make sure that the “glue” had not come un-done. I wanted to get there in a hurry, because if we were too late they would make us come back after lunch. After I got us all situated in the waiting room, I wiped the dried blood off of Mak’s hands. After I did this he jumped out of his chair and said “Okay, let’s go home!”. Poor kid. He thought we were only at the doctor so they could wipe the blood off of his hand!

Makgill was building a tower with blocks this afternoon. Anna decided to knock it down. Then she kept saying “uh-oh, uh-oh”. Mak told her “That’s not uh-oh, Anna. You did that on pwobably.”

We stopped by my parent’s house for a few minutes this evening. My parents have been at the beach this week, so my kids haven’t seen them in a few days. My Dad was asking Mak about the cut on his eye. Mak said “I bounced off of Mommy’s knee and then hit the bed. We went to the hospital and they glued me in.”

Clara Beth made “prayer hands” for the first time this week! We were saying the blessing before supper on Tuesday, and I looked over and she had her hands together at her chest. Sweet, sweet baby girl! She also said “please” for the first time today. It was while we were in the doctor’s office. I was feeding them fruit chews, and she heard her big brother say “please”, so she said it too! She also said it for Daddy at 301 for lunch. She wanted his cheese steak!

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