My mom turned Sixty!!!

And we celebrated at the beach. It’s fitting. Even more than Disney, it’s our family’s favorite place to be. My mom is Amazing. In fact, she deserved way more than just a little weekend. Next year I think we should celebrate for a whole week. ‘Cause I think 61 is the year of the WHOLE week at the beach. I’m totally pitching this idea to my dad here and I doubt he has ever read the blog. Hmmm…might want to try a different avenue. 😉

But back to my mom. Seriously, you want to talk about being blessed? I am SO BLESSED to call this woman my mother. I really don’t know what I’d do without her. She spoils my kids rotten. She cooks Sunday lunch for us nearly every Sunday. She’s the best shopping partner in the world. She knows when I need to be encouraged or when I need a huge kick in the behind and she will gladly do either. She’s the first one I call when something good/bad/interesting happens. She thinks her grandchildren are practically perfect. She doesn’t know the meaning of humiliation…seriously, the woman will happily make a fool out of herself anytime/anywhere. That was fun during my teenage years. 😉 She has an outgoing personality that I wish I had inherited more of. She is insanely organized. Wish I had gotten that, too. She’s passionate about everything…this is good when it comes to things like loving her family, and a little scary when someone has done her (or a family member) wrong. Just ask her about the great Disney Disaster of 2011. It was ugly but, hey, she ended up with three free nights at Disney so it worked, right? She makes time for the people she loves and there is never any doubt of her feelings toward you. My mom is an incredible woman. I am SO BLESSED to be her daughter. I love you, Mom!

The weekend at the beach was wonderful. It was full of hanging out at the beach house, long morning walks, playing on the beach and late night talks. Collin had an Engagement session at what I am convinced is the most beautiful spot on the planet on Friday, so we stopped there o the way to the beach. The kids and I played while Collin photographed Ashley and Robbie. I CANNOT WAIT to share that session with you!!

This was my rear view as we drove to the back pasture…BEST. VIEW. EVER. (Don’t worry, kids were safe. We were barely moving.)

And this is where we played…I want to move here (of course).
My babies are for sure growing up. I’m noticing it more and more every day. I love their love for each other.

Simon Says in the hayfield. Pretty much my favorite Simon Says spot ever.

We made it to the beach house late that night (no pictures) and the rest of the weekend was spent being lazy. It was perfect. =)

Cute cousins eating breakfast in their jammies is irresistible to me.

Saturday morning (pre-game) walk. The men folk had our day scheduled out around the Gamecocks.

SWEET BABY!!! Andrew and Erin could make a fortune renting this child out as a form of therapy to people who are feeling bad. You look at her and her face immediately explodes into a huge smile like it’s her job to be cute. It’s impossible not to be happy when you see her.

He’ll do anything to make his baby girl happy. Including turn himself into a princess that she can dress up. 😉

Baby Lucky!! Absolutely the most hilarious baby doll I’ve ever seen. Caroline loves her like crazy. She has no arms. She has legs, but they were left at home in a basket. She is anatomically correct. She’s SCARY. And she’s the most beautiful baby in the world to Caroline.

Reeves showed up with the Triple Threat (Tallon, Tess and Tate) about this time. Rebecca had to work and we missed her like crazy. the football game was turned on and Erin, Mom and I headed to the beach with the three older girls. dad joined us during time-outs.

Gamecocks won, the men folk were happy, and we headed back to the house to get ready to go get some good ol’ South Carolina seafood. Collin helped Clara Beth get dressed.

Little girlies were looking all pretty, but Miss CC was NOT into a cousin photo.

After supper, second cousin photo attempt. Again, not gonna happen. I have a feeling that Mom’s Christmas card is going to be a fun one this year. 😉

Tal gave me great Ninja face, though.

Morning coffee on the porch. My favorite thing about the beach.

Back inside, Andrew got some Baby Lucky-lovin.

And, finally, a little more beach time (this time with everyone) before heading back home to Florence. It was FREEZING in the water. These boys are NUTS.

The baby cousins spent the morning reaching sandy hands into snack bags, the bigs constructed a pretty rockin’ fort and the adults discussed God, money and the state of our Nation. It really was fun. There’s no place I’d rather be and no people I’d rather be with (plus Rebecca! We missed you terribly!!)…Mom’s birthday weekend was WONDERFUL. Mom, I love you!! Thanks for letting us tag along on your birthday trip!


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  • Li LiOctober 26, 2011 - 12:52 pm

    Well, Wendi, you are right. This post did make me cry. This was the best birthday ever! I had the greatest people in my world with me. Only one was missing. I am not sure what Aron meant, however, when she said I thought her kids were almost perfect. ALMOST? They ARE perfect, as well as my other five grand babies. I just don’t understand why their parents don’t see the same thing I do. Seriously, I am so very blessed to have a family that I absolutely adore being with. I can’t think of anyone I want to spend time with more. But Aron, you are correct about your dad….I am sure he will never read this. But I think your idea is a good one so you should sell it to him. After all you can get him to do things I can’t get him to do…..daddy’s little girl, you know. Thanks for this post, and thanks to all of you for a perfect birthday. I love you all.ReplyCancel

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