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Still at the Magic Kingdom…here’s Li-Li and Miss CB hanging out in Minnie’s pink gazebo. CB wants one for her “bufday”.


Mak and Collin and Mom and Dad wanted to ride Splash Mountain, so I took my little princess on a Magic Carpet ride. Always a favorite!



It was CRAZY, INSANELY HOT so we headed back to the hotel for a nap and a swim. Stopped for the parade on the way out.





We love this resort!


Mak loves the “M” fountain. 🙂


We all slept and woke up to get the princess all dolled up for her date with the Cinderella crew. I won the battle of NO princess dress on this trip. Yes, she has a Cindy dress that we paid entirely too much money for last year and she does look absolutely precious in it, but I’m sorry. Have you ever been to Florida in August? It’s not pleasant. It’s downright miserable to be outside. And the thought of her walking around for hours in the sticky hot heat wearing layer upon layer of lace and tulle had my skin crawling. She finally agreed to wear her sweet little Cinderella smocked bishop. Well, on the way to dinner we got stuck in a TORRENTIAL downpour. It rained buckets on us and Miss CB was MAD. Her dress was soaked and she just knew that Cinderella would not like it. Mom and I were finally able to convince her that Cinderella would understand, but I think this whole thing just threw her into a funk for the rest of the night. Clara Beth seemed to be excited to see the characters coming to the table, but would not speak a single word when they talked to her. I have to say this meal was a pretty big waste. 🙁


She wouldn’t even open her eyes for a picture with “Chomin”!


She was slightly better for Cinderella.



We did this meal last year during our Labor Day trip and Mak fell head over heels in LOVE with Anastasia. This year he was a little shocked by her forwardness. 🙂


The rain stopped while we were eating leaving very comfortable temperatures outside, so we headed back to the Magic Kingdom. I love this next picture! Pretty ominous looking, huh?


Our moody little princess in front of the castle.


Cute little Stinker. 🙂


Did you know that Cinderella has a special horse on the carousel? It’s actually kind of a big deal. Little girls all decked out in princess dresses have knock-down drag out fights over the opportunity to ride this horse. Well, I saw that we were one of maybe 4 groups waiting to ride this ride, so I decided to be mom of the year and get the prized horse for my baby girl. I raced ahead of Collin, my parents and the kids, and scored Cindy’s horse. I explained to Clara Beth that she was riding THE horse tonight. I expected huge smiles and great big thank you hugs. I should have known better. This was just NOT my Girls best night.


This is the reaction I got. She wanted to sit on the NON-MOVING bench!!! HUH?!?


We were all confused. Mak was clearly appalled by his sister’s behavior.


Oh, well. I tried. After the ride they both tried to pull the sword out of the stone. Look at that muscle strain!




After that we rode many more rides multiple times (No one was in the park that night!) and Little Miss Sassy Pants had a little bit of an attitude improvement. It was so nice to walk around the parks without being drenched in sweat. Would you believe that I was actually a little bit chilly? It was great! Up next…Epcot!

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  • Linda CannonSeptember 7, 2009 - 9:23 am

    This was such a great trip…I am already trying to figure out when we can go back. Only thing that would have made it better is to have had Tal, Tess, and Caroline (and parents)with us. Believe me, it WAS hot, but if you can stand the heat it is a great time to go. Wasn’t crowded at all.ReplyCancel

  • gillianSeptember 7, 2009 - 2:54 pm

    these have to be my favorite Disney pics thus far!ReplyCancel

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