Cousins Do Disney 2014 Part 3

I’ve totally dropped the ball on posting from our Disney trip. And while probably only the people in my family really care about these posts, I still want them documented. Last week Tess said “Aunt Ehhhhwin (in a drawn out Southern drawl that cannot be replicated), I need my piiiikchas from my Diiiisney twip so I can make MY BOOK (she always shouts the last two words of her sentences. Adorable.)! She’s right. Girlfriend needs her book. My mom makes a book from every trip that we do (Disney or beach) and we all enjoy looking at them years later. Tess and Caroline need their book. So onward we go in the Cousins Do Disney saga…

This was a really good day. In fact, in my (crazy obsessed with Disney planning OCD) opinion, this was our best day. We made it to Hollywood Studios about thirty minutes before the park opened and like all good Disney goers do, headed straight for Toy Story Mania. We were rewarded with a job well done when we nearly walked on the ride. Success.

IMG_0677fb IMG_0686fb

These three were partners in crime this trip.

IMG_0687fb IMG_0688fb

Journaling. How she spent any time when we were waiting. Here she’s waiting on the brave boys to ride Tower of Terror. Girlfriend is brave, but not Tower of Terror brave.

IMG_0691fb IMG_0694fb IMG_0695fb

Slaps while the little cousins were in Playhouse Disney. Or whatever it’s called now. When my babies were babies it was Playhouse Disney.


I think they liked it. Cuties!!

IMG_0703fb IMG_0704fb IMG_0706fb

Because why wouldn’t you douse yourself in water when the opportunity presents itself?

IMG_0716fb IMG_0721fb

Collin was picked to be in the movie for the Backlot Tour! So fun!

IMG_0734fb IMG_0751fb IMG_0752fb IMG_0753fb

More water dousing…

IMG_0760fb IMG_0763fb IMG_0765fb

Boys and their Boom Boom in their Columbia shirts (from Tomlinsons, Y’all!). Three peas in a pod.

IMG_0786fb IMG_0804fb IMG_0811fb

Obviously this is the part of the ride where they sacrifice fluffy kittens right in front of the children. Oh, Tess and Caroline. These pics will most definitely make a comeback when you are seniors in high school.

IMG_0815fb IMG_0819fb IMG_0833fb

After we completed Hollywood Studios we hauled it on over to the Magic Kingdom for a few rides before our dinner with the Fab Five.

Three babies rode their first roller coaster!! Goofy’s Barnstormer!

IMG_0852fb IMG_0854fb IMG_0858fb IMG_0860fb


IMG_0863fb IMG_0883fb

Goofballs trying to avoid the camera.

IMG_0886fb IMG_0889fb

Okay, I have no idea what on earth we were thinking, but we waited an HOUR to ride the Little Mermaid ride?!? Clearly a momentary lapse in judgement. But it provided plenty of opportunity for…

Thumb Wars…

IMG_0897fbSilly faces…

and naps.


We accidentally caught the parade…

IMG_0919fb IMG_0925fb

and then walked over to the Contemporary for supper with Mickey and friends. The theme of the trip for these two (and Collin) was bunny ears and photo bombing. (Collin didn’t participate in the bunny ears. But I am quite certain there are a few hundred photo pass pictures from the week we were there with my dear husband’s goofy grin somewhere in the background. He got pretty good at it, actually.)

I love these boys.

IMG_0931fb IMG_0932fb IMG_0934fb

Chef Mickey’s!!!


Baby woke up.


Big one fell asleep.


More journaling.


The three big girls decided they wanted a picture together.


Then Tate decided he wanted to give the photo a little dose of testosterone. The girls were clearly thrilled with that idea.


Tess started the train…


and then our party was called!! Hallelujah! Food!!


This was just so much fun. I loved seeing all of them with the characters.

IMG_0987fb IMG_0990fb

Y’all. Clara Beth Smith critiqued EVERY. SINGLE. SIGNATURE. I am not kidding. You’ll even see that tomorrow she REWRITES Snow White’s signature! Mercy!

IMG_0993fb IMG_0997fb

He’s done. He’s over the characters. It makes me sad. This, my friends, is why the whole “I’ll wait until they’re old enough to remember it.” argument against taking little ones to Disney doesn’t hold a candle with me. Don’t get me wrong, he still loves this place and I know he will until the day he dies. But certain parts of it have lost their magic for him, and I will ALWAYS treasure my memories of my Baby Mak at Disney.


See CB’s face?? She’s making sure he does it right.

IMG_1004fb IMG_1008fb IMG_1011fb

Goofy got ’em! LOVE!!

IMG_1013fb IMG_1014fb IMG_1021fb IMG_1023fb

Again, the face. Y’all. What in the world?!?

IMG_1034fb IMG_1036fb

I just love Tallon. Boy can party.


Cupcakes for Birthday Girls!!

IMG_1044fb IMG_1048fb IMG_1051fb IMG_1052fb

Minnie!! Clearly the favorite!

IMG_1055fb IMG_1059fb

Ah, the LOVE!! It makes my heart smile!

IMG_1060fb IMG_1061fb IMG_1066fb

“Fixing” a signature.

IMG_1070fb IMG_1072fb

This face. I could eat it up.


And back to Magic Kingdom to end the night.

IMG_1088fb IMG_1095fb IMG_1100fb IMG_1105fb IMG_1110fb

It was the best day! And tomorrow, four little princesses have a date at the castle!

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