Y’all. I have been unbelievably AWFUL at blogging weddings and bridal sessions this year. And that is SO unfortunate because we have had some of the BEST brides/grooms/weddings this summer! I am going to work hard to back blog some of these amazing events, starting with Megan’s bridal session. I love Megan. She’s the kind of girl that I can absolutely see being one of my very best friends if she lived here. Sigh. Her groom took her off to COLORADO. That’s all the way across the country. I don’t even know what I’m going to do when she and Brandon start having babies and we aren’t there to photograph them. It will be a sad thing for me. Or just maybe that’s why we have a camper now. Hmmm…yeah, I always wanted to see Colorado. =) Megan wanted something different for her bridal session. She wanted a studio session, but not a traditional one. She loved the backgrounds and fabrics she had seen on the blog and wanted to know if we could use them in her Bridal session. Ummm, YES we can! I LOVE the way her session turned out! She was a stunning bride and so happy to be marrying the love of her life. Megan, I miss you!!! It was fun seeing you every few months during the wedding planning stage. Let us know when y’all make it back to SC!

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