Mak’s first day of 5K

Monday was my baby boy’s first day of 5K and I want to blog the day so I don’t forget it. And, yes, I still need to blog the Disney trip, too…which was FABULOUS, by the way! Excruciatingly HOT, but Fabulous. 😉

So, Mak started 5K Monday. Which means he is now in school from 7:45 in the morning until 2:10 in the afternoon. Only carline is INSANE so if he gets in the car before 2:30 it’s a miracle. Am I the only one that thinks age 5 is a little early for all day school? I mean, he goes to bed at 7:30 every night so if you think about it I’m really only getting about 5 hours a day with my boy. And that makes me sad. 🙁

We started off the morning with a huge pancake breakfast (mostly because it was all we had to eat in the house because I still needed to get to the grocery store after the big trip), and then headed out the door. Mak was so excited to see his teacher and friends from last year!


He’s still my baby boy and ALWAYS will be!


A great big hug for his teacher!




We left him in his classroom and CB and I tried everything we could to occupy our time until 2:10 came and we could pick him up. About 20 minutes after we got home she asked me when it would be time to get her “bruver”. When I told her she said “but dat’s a vewy, vewy wong time!” I completely agreed. We decided that maybe Bubbo would like some cookies for an after school snack so we got busy making those. It helped her feel a little bit better. 🙂



FINALLY, after the longest carline I have EVER seen, we got our boy home! I was hoping for a very detailed report of the day, but all I got was that he had fun in the morning but was ready to come home after lunch. Oh, well…he’s a boy. I guess I’ll have to wait for Clara Beth to give me that detailed report. Miss Priss is quite a bit more talkative than her brother!

He enjoyed some cookies with Daddy…


And then had some of his cousins and best buds over. Mak ADORES Sweet Caroline. And check out that precious double chin! I could gobble her up!





They all ran around like the little wild ones that they are.


Theses three terrorized the girls…for some reason it’s their favorite passtime. Drives me CRAZY!


And Mommas and babies hung out in the den. Lots of baby lovin’ going on in there!


Baby Sawyer…growing WAY too fast! Be on the lookout for a post about his bits session…blogging that next!


I love these two baby girls so much! Tess and Caroline are 6 months apart in age. Don’t you know they will be the best of friends!?! And Clara Beth thinks they were both put on this earth to be her personal baby dolls. 😉




All in all it has been a pretty good first few days of school. Mak is EXHAUSTED at night, but that’s probably a combination of Disney and school. We are praying for a great year!

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