Makgill is 3 and a half!!!!


My precious boy at three and a half… What can I say to describe how incredibly blessed we are to have you in our family. I CANNOT BELIEVE I am writing your 3 and a half year post. This is seriously blowing my mind. I still think of you as my baby boy, although you are reminding me daily through both words and actions that you are no longer a “baby”. Here is a list of some things that you are up to at this stage:

You are in an “I hate kisses” stage. I have to sneak them in, and you get really mad when I do. Sometimes you can be bribed, but not often. You ALWAYS try to rub our kisses away when we do steal them, to which we reply “Oh, how sweet! You’re rubbing them in so they never go away!” (Thanks for that tip, Christina!). This drives you CRAZY! A couple of weeks ago, you informed me that you no longer like hugs either. Well, tough luck kid! You will NEVER be able to get away from my hugs and kisses! And by the way, I sneak into your room every night and get LOTS of snuggles and kisses.

In the last six months you have become VERY interested in television. Playhouse Disney, to be exact. A little too interested for my liking. I think you would watch it all day if we let you (which we do not). This is strange to me because up until this point in your life you have HATED TV. I used to beg for just 15 minutes so I could get a shower! Your two Absolute Favorites are “Little Einstein’s” and “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. We will be eating breakfast with the “Little Einstein’s” at Disney World later this year. You are SOOOO Excited about it. You ask daily when we are going.

You have plenty of “buddies” at this stage. Your number 1 pal is Parson, though. You boys were buddies in the womb, and have been close ever since. He was born 2 days after you, and I hope you will be friends for years to come. We pray daily for good friends for you. Friends who love Jesus and will help you in your walk with Him.

You LOVE your Daddy so much, and you hate to see him go to work. Each morning you ask him “where are you going, Daddy?”. When he tells you he is going to the studio, you reply “You Can’t!”. Frequently you will go to the window and say “Hmmm…I think it’s going to rain” because you know that Daddy can’t do an outside session in the rain. This breaks your Daddy’s heart, because he loves playing with you. This is the main reason that Daddy has decided to move the studio into our home in January. We are all so excited about having Daddy at home!

You still LOVE anything that goes- tractors, trains, planes, trucks, “fast” cars. You are OBSESSED with the number 90, and you always tell whoever is driving to “Go 90!”. You say that you go 90 in your jeep. You also love “reading” road signs. You can tell us the speed limit when you see a speed limit sign (but you still want us to go 90), and you are trying to read any sign that you see. Stop signs are very important to you. You are also starting to tell us the letters on billboards and ask us what they say. Most of the time if we tell you once, you remember it and repeat it every time we pass the sign. You also LOVE Legos, and you are so creative with your designs! If I had to pick a favorite toy at this age, this would be it. They keep you entertained for hours!

If you hear a siren or see flashing lights, no matter what it is (fire truck, ambulance, police car, tow truck, even a car alarm!) you make us pray. This started on a trip to Disney World when we passed a really bad accident and prayed for the people involved. This memory really stuck with you. I love your concern for others!

You LOVE being outside. I think you would live out there if we let you. Your favorite outdoor activities are playing in the sandbox, blowing bubbles, riding your bike, driving your jeep (your driving skills really amaze me!), pushing sissy in her cozy coupe or wagon. You always frighten me by being a dare-devil. We have had a broken arm and a “glued” cut above the eye in the last few months. You have learned to work this to your advantage. A few days ago, you “hurt” your toe. You knew that I would make a big deal out of this because of all of the accidents you have had lately. When I examined it, you told me in a very pitiful little voice that you could not walk anymore. You could only run or hop (two things that I don’t like you doing in the house). Sneaky little stinker! When we found out we were expecting you, Ma-Ma (Collin’s mom) warned me that if you are anything like your Daddy, the ER would become a place that we see often. I think she knows what she’s talking about. Let’s please not have any more accidents, okay? Mommy can’t take it.

A few months ago you went through a two week stage where you started calling me “Mom”. This really scared me! I will have you know, Young Man, that I am “Mommy”. Maybe “Mama,” but certainly NOT Mom. What are you, 13? I tried not to make a big deal out of it, and it must have worked because, thankfully, I am once again “Mommy”.

You were doing so well with discipline issues up until about 6 weeks ago. No spankings for a good three months. Then we woke up one morning and Mr. ATTITUDE greeted us. You have gotten pretty sassy with that mouth of yours, and frequently flat out REFUSE to do something we ask of you. Needless to say, your no-spankings record has been broken.

You will be going to 3K this Fall, and I am not handling it well. You were at Calvary last year, but this wasn’t the same because it still kind of seemed like a Mother’s Morning Out to me. This coming school year is starting to feel VERY REAL. And I am TERRIFIED. I am continually putting your life into The Lord’s hands. I know that He is in control of you, but you see, Mommy has some “control” issues. I am worried about your safety, you learning what you need to know, making the right friends, and most importantly, accepting Jesus as your Savior. There are probably a hundred other things that I could add to the list. I just have to keep giving it ALL to the Lord. You, on the other hand, are so brave about school. You ask several times a week if it’s time to go yet. You can’t wait, and I know that you will do so well. Please just ignore your old worry-wart Mommy.

Most of all, you are the most wonderful, talented, funniest, cutest little boy I have ever known. Your cuddles and snuggles are some of the sweetest I have ever had, no matter how rare they are becoming. I Love you high as the sky and deep as the ocean. You will ALWAYS be my Baby Mak.

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  • Julie, Robert and LukeJuly 22, 2007 - 9:49 pm

    Oh Aron! I am crying! That is the sweetest post I have EVER read. I want to do the same thing for Luke when he turn 2. Your love for Mak is so obvious and loving. I have learned so much about how to be a MOMMY to a little boy from you. Thank you for being such a wonderful example. Thank you Makgill for being a good friend to Luke. I am sure Luke will continue to follow you around in the years to come. We are so grateful for your friendship!! We love all of you – Aron, Collin, Makgill and Clara Beth so much!!!!ReplyCancel

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