Little Rutty-Duck in the country!

I can’t believe that the sweet little chunky baby who we curled up in his daddy’s toy truck during his newborn session is now 18 months old!! And has a baby sibling on the way! Remember this?

Oh my Gracious, newborn Rutledge was ADORABLE. He had great “squish factor” as my friend Michelle says. Guess what? 18 month old Rutledge is pretty adorable, too. 🙂 I had so much fun exploring the things that he loves in the country earlier this week!

When asked what he wanted to do first, Rutledge emphatically replied “Takah”. Tractor, my friends. Sweetness.

Then he caught sight of Belle out in the pasture and it was time to move on. Belle is the sweetest old horse! I love how teeny Rutledge looks compared to her!

No matter where we went from this point on, Rutledge would make a point to find Belle and wave bye-bye to her. From here we headed over to the pond to fish. Have I mentioned that I love this place?! What an amazing place for a little boy to grow up!

Rutledge got a little impatient while waiting for his daddy to get the fishing pole…

All of that waiting resulted in a little tantrum. Don’t you think toddler tantrums are just too cute? And I love this view of it. What a parent of a child this age sees all too often. 😉


Haley did a good job of letting him work out his angst on his own and about 17 seconds later he was over it. Collin frequently says that he thinks all toddlers suffer from bipolar disorder. Those mood swings are pretty swift. 😉 By the time he had calmed down, Josh had caught a fish! Rutledge was pretty fascinated!

Rutledge has AMAZING eyelashes!

Bubble Time!!! Rut was HILARIOUS with the bubbles. He put his mouth right on the bubble wand to blow them. Then when he would talk, bubbles would come out of his mouth. It looked like a cartoon and I could NOT stop laughing!

At this point things were pretty sudsy and the bubbles were almost gone so we headed over to the hose to get cleaned up. I absolutely LOVE these. He is SO CUTE!!

Okay, this next one? I want to blow it up SUPER HUGE and hang it in my own house because it makes me laugh so hard. I love this kid!!!

Rutledge, I had such a great time with you, Buddy! You are a super cute kid with a really fun personality. Can’t wait to see you again soon!

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  • Michelle ZMay 7, 2011 - 8:57 am

    He still has that “squish factor” 😀 I LOVE it!! Great pics, Aron!!!ReplyCancel

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