Last Camping Trip of 2013…Sesquicentennial State Park

We were so excited to get one final camping trip in for 2013 after Christmas this year. I think the Fall would be my favorite camping season, but since it’s also our busiest season in the studio, Fall trips rarely happen. The same is true for my brother and his family because he works in retail at Tomlinsons. This year seemed especially crazy, so we were all excited about the prospect of sitting by a campfire with no real plans. And that’s pretty much what we did. It was cold, but not unbearable, and we had two perfect sites with plenty of space for kids to run.

Not sure what this was about. I think he just purposely fell off of his bike.


Santa brought CC a new bike!!


And he got all kinds of attachments for his bike…bike light, bike computer, etc…

IMG_4631fb IMG_4632fb IMG_4639fb

This little baby chick has the most hilarious personality. I love her so much. And I PRAY that she is NOT the baby of our family! The thought of that kills me!

IMG_4645fb IMG_4646fb IMG_4649fb IMG_4653fb IMG_4655fb IMG_4656fb IMG_4658fb

This baby has BIG love for her Izzy.

IMG_4665fb IMG_4668fb IMG_4671fb IMG_4674fb IMG_4676fb IMG_4682fb IMG_4683fb IMG_4684fb IMG_4686fb IMG_4692fb

He’s a little obsessed with the fire.

IMG_4699fb IMG_4700fb

Izzy hugs are pretty powerful.

IMG_4703fb IMG_4705fb

Bike and playground time!!

IMG_4709fb IMG_4711fb IMG_4717fb IMG_4718fb IMG_4722fb IMG_4732fb IMG_4736fb

These are her new camping pants. I love them.

IMG_4746fb IMG_4755fb IMG_4757fb IMG_4763fb IMG_4764fb IMG_4771fb IMG_4772fb IMG_4775fb

Big stuff for CC. Climbing the rock wall all by herself.

IMG_4782fb IMG_4786fb IMG_4787fb IMG_4789fb IMG_4797fb IMG_4799fb IMG_4805fb

Her goofy smile. =)

IMG_4810fb IMG_4815fb IMG_4820fb

Collin, Andrew, and Mak did a bike trail while Erin and I had the girls at the park. I can’t believe my boy will be ten this month.


His fake smile. But he tried because I asked. I love him so much.

IMG_4845fb IMG_4858fb IMG_4860fb IMG_4863fb IMG_4877fb

So Fun! Can’t wait for many more trips this year!

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